Poll: Business climate in Bulgaria declines for third consecutive month

Poll: Business climate in Bulgaria declines for third consecutive month

A regular monthly poll by the National Statistical Institute (NSI) found gloomier views of the business climate in Bulgaria in October 2018, the third consecutive month of a downward trend.

In the first half of 2018, the trend was generally of increased optimism about Bulgaria’s business climate. July 2018, however, found views largely unchanged and after that the decline began.

The NSI said that in October 2018, the total business climate indicator decreased by 1.9 percentage points, driven down by views of managers surveyed in the industry, retail and service sectors.

In industry, the indicator fell by 2.4 percentage points, mainly because of managers dimmed expectations about the situation of their businesses in the coming six months.

The composite indicator for the business climate in Bulgaria’s retail trade dropped by 2.5 percentage points, with managers also more reserved about the next six months, the NSI said.

The largest drop was in the service sector, by 4.5 percentage points, with managers taking a more unfavourable view of the situations of their businesses and more reserved about current and expected demand.

In the fourth sector surveyed, construction, the indicator was up by 2.6 percentage points, with managers polled taking a warmer view of the state of their businesses, according to the NSI…. / IBNA