Political parties are misusing FYROM’s national symbols

Political parties are misusing FYROM’s national symbols

Political parties are misusing national symbols and cultural elements for their political interests. This is the finding of the opinion poll conducted by Macedonian International Center for Cooperation.

The study focused on national and cultural symbols that identify all ethnic groups that live in FYROM, but according to respondents, these elements are being misused for political purposes.

Daniela Nikolova, coordinator of this project says that in the past 10 years, FYROM has been an arena of political clashes, where national symbols have been part of it.

“National symbols are used by political parties for their image and with this, they think that they can create their identity. This practice has been repeated to gain political credit”, Nikolova said.

Sociologist Ismet Aliu says that Albanians and Macedonians feel a fear from each other’s symbols. “This happens because Albanians do not know the national symbols, as they reflect only the Slav-Macedonian ethnicity. This has led to Albanians as a community to manifest their own national symbols, such as the flag and other symbols that reflect their identity. To overcome this situation, there must be compromise for joint state symbols, which would reflect the spirit of multi-ethnicity”, Aliu says.

University professor, Marija Topuzovka, who has been part of the opinion poll, says that political parties have managed to appropriate many national values. She says that a significant part of the respondents have objected such thing. According to her, it’s surprising how many respondents thought that several known songs were created by political parties. She says that 80% of respondents didn’t agree with the fact that political parties were appropriating these symbols.

The opinion poll has been conducted in the last five months and according to the people who conducted it, it was the appropriate time for it, because there have been many political developments and protests, which have helped the opinion poll results to rely on current developments. /balkaneu.com/