Political parties in FYROM resume talks

Political parties in FYROM resume talks

Skopje, 12 July 2016/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

The four largest political parties in FYROM have held a meeting last night for the solution of the political crisis. The meeting has followed the visit of the US Assistant State Secretary, Victoria Nuland, who encouraged political leaders to sit down and talk, in order to implement the obligations that stem from the Przino Agreement, which was reached a year ago with the brokerage of the USA and EU.

Nuland demanded from the main political parties to complete the implementation of this political agreement in order to give way to the new elections, which must be fair and democratic.

“Time has come to finalize everything and set Macedonia on the path for free and fair elections. I am leaving Skopje convinced that in the days to come, negotiating sides will give way to the early elections”, Nuland said.

Work groups have held a meeting until late last night in the EU office in Przino in Skopje, discussing the bill on the reform in the media, the correction of the voters’ list and the fact that the Special Prosecution must be allowed to do its job. EU ambassador, Aivo Orav said that there has been progress and that he’s hoping for an agreement to be reached in the days to come.

“We just finished the talks. I believe that there has been progress made and that talks will continue to be held smoothly”, EU ambassador Orav said. /balkaneu.com/