Political parties in FYROM prepare for early elections

Political parties in FYROM prepare for early elections

Skopje, November 25, 2013

Political parties in FYROM are getting ready for early parliamentary elections along with the presidential ones.

The two large Macedonian parties, VMRO-DPMNE in power and opposition led by Social Democratic League (LSDM) are holding indirect electoral campaigns in different areas of the country, promoting projects and programs.

VMRO-DPMNE, led by prime minister Nikola Gruevski has promoted several government projects in the eastern and northeastern part of the country, promising new projects in infrastructure, economy, health, education and other domains.

Meanwhile, LSDM is also on the field where it’s promoting to the citizens its new program under the motto “for the return of the middle class”, which contains social and economic packages for the recovery of the country.

On the other hand, Albanian parties BDI and PDSN are less active on the field as far as the meetings with the citizens are concerned and the unveiling of their projects in case early elections are held.

BDI will be more active in the celebrations of November 28, while PDSH has launched several political messages through its leader Menduh Thaci in the meetings for the election of youth forums of this party.

The clear positioning for early parliamentary elections will be clarified after the decision of the European Council in the December meeting, where it will decide about the start of negotiations for the accession of the country. In case early parliamentary elections will be decided, then they will be held along with presidential elections, which are scheduled to take place in March. /ibna/