Political parties comment Venizelo’s visit

Political parties comment Venizelo’s visit

Skopje, February 19, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

Political parties have commented this afternoon the visit of the Greek foreign minister, Evangelos Venizelos in Skopje. Venizelos  is expected to arrive this evening and tomorrow, he will continue with his agenda of meetings.

Democratic Union for Integration (BDI) has considered the visit of the Greek foreign minister as very important, stressing that he represents the European Union, taking into account the Greek EU presidency in the next 6 months.

“We believe that it’s a very important visit, because such one has been lacking for several years. It’s an important milestone in the relations between the two neighboring countries. Venizelo’s visit will improve relations between Macedonia and Greece and it’s also an important prerequisite to sit on the table and find a solution for a dispute which demands a solution in the upcoming period”, said BDI spokesman, Bujar Osmani.

But, VMMRO-DPMNE, through the chairman of its parliamentary committee for foreign policies and former foreign minister, Antonio Miloshovski has indirectly made an ironic comment on this visit.

“Venizelo’s visit is important, but it will be like a photo without a frame, because the Greek paradox and Greek hypocrisy against Euro integrations consists of the fact that the representative of the state who blocks the perspectives will talk about them. In circumstances when his party is losing points in the rating, it’s difficult to expect from Venizelos to do something which is expected by a part of public opinion in Macedonia and BDI. Those who have high expectations on Venizelo’s visit will be saddened tomorrow after his departure”, declared Miloshovski.

One of the opposition parties, PODEM demanded from Skopje to encourage the start of constructive dialogue for the name dispute.

“From Venizelos and from any other Greek representative we don’t expect to sell out their national interests, but they must also not expect for us to sell out our interests. Now, Venizelos doesn’t only represent Greece, but the entire Europe. We respect his current EU position and we appeal to him to act in an European spirit”, said Dragan Dimevski from PODEM party, which demanded for prime minister Nikola Gruevski to come up with a concrete proposal in launching constructive talks for the solution of the name dispute. This party demands constructiveness from all political sides, stressing that the name dispute issue cannot be resolved through provocations. /ibna/