Political games for the election of the new BiH Council of Ministers

Political games for the election of the new BiH Council of Ministers

Although all legal deadlines have already passed, Bosnia and Herzegovina is still without new Council of Ministers and its Chairman. At the moment it seems that this important job will take a while to be concluded, but also that the election of a Chairman is a “blackmail tool” of certain political forces to achieve their goals.

The first session of the BiH Parliament Commission for the election of the Council of Ministers was held on Friday in Sarajevo, but it ended before the members even elected the Commission president and his deputies. The Commission member, Halid Genjac from the Party of Democratic Action (SDA), said that on the session “the technical issue turned out into a political issue”. The proposed candidates won six votes, but an equal number of present members was against them, so they were not elected.

“We have a Commission composed of representatives of all political subjects in the BiH Parliament House of Representatives. The Chairman and deputy Chairmen of the Commission are equal to other members of the commission and it is a really technical issue,” said Genjac. According to his opinion, the Commision members who voted against the suggested candidates had the right to do it but they also had the obligation to propose somebody else on their place.

As it is earlier published in the media, the candidate for the position of Chairman of the BiH Council of Ministers is former Minister of Finances in Republika Srpska government, Zoran Tegeltija. BiH Parliament MPs from the Party of Democratic Progres (PDP), the opposition party in RS, said that they will not vote for Tegeltija and that they will be against his appointment “with both hands in the air”.

“We are against Tegeltija because he is the “gravedigger for the economy”,” said PDP leader and MP in the BiH Parliament, Branislav Borenović.

That was the reason why this party members in the Commision did not want to help Tegeltija to be appointed and voted against his bid for the Commision leadership. Without them, there is no one who can propose Tegeltija to be elected.

However, other parties have different reasons to vote against proposed persons on the session. The main dispute, as it seems in the moment, is the activation of the NATO roadmap (MAP) plan for BiH, which would mean that the state is on the way to full membership in the Alliance. Present BiH Presidency Chairman, Milorad Dodik, has already stated that he and Republika Srpska, which he represents, is against any kind of NATO membership because that Alliance during the 1992-1995 war bombed Serbs. The other two Presidency members, Croat Željko Komšić and Bosniak Šefik Džaferović, in separate statements, said that new parliamentary majority in BiH Parliament must support the MAP activation and that this is a precondition for the establishment of a government at state level.

On the other side, Dodik said that he cannot give his consent on the MAP activation because RS National Assembly (RSNA) adopted the resolution on the military neutrality, which means that this entity will be against membership in any military organization.

Komšić said that he is not ready to support as candidate for the Council of Ministers Chairman a person who will not respect earlier decisions and stop the state on the path to NATO membership. He added that RSNA resolution is not valid and is illegal, because this institution, according to the Constitution, is not responsible for the foreign politic.

At this point, it seems highly possible that the early predictions, presented immediately after the elections, about the impossible combination of political parties in the Presidency and other institutions, could prove to be accurate and BiH enters a period of uncertainty and political outsmarting./IBNA