Political games are damaging the justice system, says head of EULEX

Political games are damaging the justice system, says head of EULEX

Pristina, April 8, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Gabriele Meucci, head of EU Mission to Kosovo, EULEX, answered to several questions about the mission that he chairs, in order to clarify, like he said, the atmosphere filled with paranoia.

In an editorial sent to the media, head of EULEX said that the mission chaired by him has neither the patience, nor the staff to chase “fantasies” or answer to every accusation launched in the media.

“We’re not perfect and we have never claimed to be. We know that in a mission which since the beginning of it, has employed over five thousand people, there will be violations or disciplinary infringements. Of course, these things happen”, said Meucci, adding that what counts is the matter how these infringements are handled.

The head of the EU mission said that EULEX has always aimed at assisting institutions of Kosovo, judicial authorities and law enforcement agencies in their advancement toward sustainability and accountability.

“However, we cannot avoid the fact that we (along with the citizens of Kosovo) are affected by the fact that Kosovo’s judicial institutions do not avoid political games. In cases when the Judicial Committee of Kosovo is not able to appoint judges, then judicial cases are delayed. When there’s a failure to appoint prosecutors, then there are fewer prosecutors to investigate crimes committed against citizens”, Meucci said.

Meucci also said that political games are damaging the justice system and that the priority of politicians in Kosovo must be to offer the best governance possible. /ibna/