Political crisis without any signs for a solution

Political crisis without any signs for a solution

Skopje, 1 July 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

Prime minister and leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Nikola Gruevski is not issuing any signs that he will withdraw from his position as PM, in order to give way to the solution of the political crisis. The opposition continues to insist on his resignation, however, Gruevski continues not to accept a compromise to leave power and give way to an interim government, which would hold early elections.

In the last meeting of political leaders, Gruevski has not even discussed his departure and in front of the leaders of the main political parties and west European diplomats, he presented a government plan for reforms based on European standards, which would include changes in the election code, harmonization of several laws with the EU and the holding of free elections.

Political analysts in Skopje say that with his stances and his messages, Gruevski is showing that he doesn’t intend on leaving power.

Head of the Scoop research project in FYR Macedonia, Dzelal Neziri told IBNA that Gruevski doesn’t step down from power if there is no international pressure.

“PM Nikola Gruevski showed that he doesn’t step down neither with the publication of the wiretapping affair, nor with the protests of the opposition. Nine years in power have been sufficient to capture the state and to make institutions political, where the opposition is just for show in them”, Neziri says, stressing that the solution of the crisis is in the hands of the international community.

University professor, Jove Kekenovski and one of the founders of VMRO-DPMNE says that the international community must be clear in relation to the crisis and address problematic protagonists directly. According to him, Gruevski is not issuing any signals of withdrawal from his position.

“I’m scared of the determination of the prime minister in the public opinion. On the other hand, what he says clearly shows that things will not be that easy. I don’t know what will happen, because everything will be decided at the roundtable. The sooner the international community gets involved, the better it is”, Kekenovski declared.

Former presidential candidate of the Macedonian opposition, Lubomir Frckovski says that Gruevski cannot withdraw without creating scenarios of instability.

“We are expecting Gruevski to withdraw without causing any drama during this period, bearing in mind that his political project is heading toward collapse and led Macedonia to a conflict which ended with an incident that involved criminal military groups”, Frckovski said.

In Skopje, there are signs of optimism among the citizens that political reason will prevail and that an agreement will be reached for the solution of the political crisis. But citizens are worried about the delays which are causing other economic and social problems.

Alban Sakipi, student of economics, told IBNA that a solution must be found as soon as possible, because every delay would deepen the crisis, which is having an impact in the economic and social plan. “I’m optimistic that there will be a political solution, but we’re seeing that leaders such as Gruevski and Zaev have opposite stances and that compromise is difficult. They must find a solution, because we, the citizens, are suffering the consequences. What surprises me in a positive way is the fact that scenarios and threats from a cross ethnic crisis are being avoided. This time, these scenarios failed”, the student says.

The recent talks between the leaders of the main four political parties in FYROM ended without an agreement, but they agreed on giving time to each other to examine the options offered for the solution of the crisis. The disagreements between the two political protagonists, Nikola Gruevski and Zoran Zaev consist on the formation of an interim government which would hold fresh elections. Macedonian opposition demands a government without Gruevski, but the latter doesn’t want to withdraw. But on the other hand, he’s ready to offer to the opposition key ministries, including the Ministry of Interior and that of Finances. /ibna/