Political crisis in Albania, president willing to postpone election date

Political crisis in Albania, president willing to postpone election date

President of Albania, Ilir Meta has issued a rather surprising statement today saying that he is ready to postpone the date of local elections.

“I would like to express my institutional readiness to set another date for the elections, in accordance to the will of the political sides”, Mr. Meta says.

According to the Albanian head of the state, “constitutional order, public security, stability of the country and democratic, free and fair elections are principles that prevail over every formal aspect, including the change of election date”.

Mr. Meta also launches an appeal for the two main political parties in the country: “I call on political sides once again to refrain from divisive rhetoric and reflect on the appeal launched by German parliament. Let us put an end to public essays and honestly commit ourselves to finding a prompt and sustainable solution”.

This statement comes as part of the efforts being made by the head of the state to diffuse the political crisis that has swept the country in the past four months, whereby the opposition has boycotted parliament and the upcoming local elections in an bid to force the socialist led government to resign and for early general elections to take place.

Full statement:

Statement of the President of Republic, H.E.Mr. Ilir Meta.


The President of the Republic expresses once again the deep concern on the constitutional, institutional, political and representative crisis which has overtaken the country.

The deepening of the differences between the parties and the stubbornness on the denial of this crisis have hardened even further the founding of a reasonable and sustainable solution from this situation that is endangering the stability and democracy of the country.

With my entire commitment, as the Head of the State, I have repeatedly appealed for withdrawal from such a conflictual path, offering any contribution and doing everything which would bring closer the political parties in finding a solution, founded in the national interest and the unstoppable European journey of Albania.

Based on the yesterday’s events, I applaud and welcome the commitment expressed by the German Parliament on solving this crisis, joining their appeal addressed to all the political parties in Albania, undertaking decision-making responsibilities for all the issues related with the democratic stability of the country, via comprehensive means without the exclusion of any topic.

In addition, as the Head of the State, I possess the constitutional obligation to abide to and protect the principles of the Constitution of the Republic of Albania, denouncing any instance which threatens these principles.



I appreciate the fact that the German Parliament, this essential institution of our strategic partner, has raised warnings that the elections without the participation of the opposition are problematic with regards to democracy, depriving the Albanian citizens elections through competitive alternatives.

Article 3 of the Constitution of the Republic of Albania, among other articles, clearly determines the constitutional obligation on protecting from all the political pluralism.

Implying, not only the existence of different political parties, but also their real possibility for competing, in equal conditions without any hindrances, in free and fair elections, as the sole opportunity in abiding to the constitutional right of the Albanian citizens to elect.

I possess the constitutional responsibilities, within the permission of constitutional framework, to ensure the preservation, in form and content, of the Constitution. On my behalf, the democratic coexistence and the unity of the people are constitutional principles which must be protected, primarily to any secondary or formal regulation.

I stand by the appeal of German Parliament that is the responsibility of the political decision-makers to act reasonably in such a situation and with all their strongest efforts must try to tranquilize the situation, because if such thing does not take place the country’s path toward Europe risks to obstruct.


  • Responsible for the European future of the country;



  • with the determination in building a state based on the rule of law and democracy which guarantees the rights and basic human liberties;
  • according to the spirit of tolerance, in function of peace, welfare and social solidarity;

I express my commitment in fulfilling the constitutional responsibility in guaranteeing the unity of the people and the basic principles of the democratic coexistence, which are endangered by the present political crisis.

In such a context, I express my institutional willingness, in accordance with the competences given to me by the letter “gj” of Article 92 of the Constitution, to reconsider the Decree for the appointment of the date for the local elections and decreeing another date for the process, in accordance with the willingness expressed by the political parties.

The warranty of the constitutional order, public safety, stability of the country and democratic, free and fair elections, are the constitutional principles which prevail over any other formal aspect, including the revision of the election day.

I appeal, once again, to the political parties, to halt their rhetoric as a sign of a honest reflection on the appeal by the German Parliament.

To halt justifying public essays and be committed with sincerity and accountability in finding a quick and sustainable solution.

As I declared with full accountability on the 20th March, in Pogradec, I remain willing that in contributing on a solution which serves a better interest, stability and democracy in the country, to offer my mandate as the President of the Republic, if the parties consider this additional element as important for a comprehensive solution, which would allow the Albanian citizens to have the right of electing even the President with their free vote.

No one should be frightened by the free votes of the Albanian people, a principle that stands as the foundation of the democratic coexistence, which without such a warranty makes it impossible to open the negotiations for membership in the European Union. /ibna/