Political crisis is having an impact in the economy of the country

Political crisis is having an impact in the economy of the country

IBNA Special Report

Skopje, February 20, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

Political crisis in FYR Macedonia is having an impact in the economy of the country.

Western diplomats have called for the crisis to be overcome, because its effects will also be felt in the economic aspect. A similar opinion is also shared by entrepreneurs and citizens who want stability and development, instead of the crisis.

Arben Halili, economist and former head of the Northwestern Macedonia Chamber of Commerce said that every political crisis has a direct impact in the economy of the country, because it causes a felling of instability.

“Businesses need functional institutions and political stability. Every crisis has a negative impact on production companies, because in such circumstances, citizens do not have the predisposition to spend, because every unclear situation makes one think of a bad future”, says Arben Halili. According to him, the country must focus in the development of the economy and must avoid disputes or possible political crises, because, as he says, “if the trend of the deterioration of the situation continues”, then the economy will see worse days.

Zoran Vitanov, former minister of economy, says that political crises and frequent elections have a negative impact in the economy, especially on foreign investors, but also on domestic investors.

“The political crisis that we are experiencing, the frequent elections, the frequent legal amendments, changes in the taxation structure, are a problem for the economy of the country and businesses. In such situations, companies are not free to implement or invest in ideas and extra economic capacities”, says Vitanov.

Selim Ramizi, an average entrepreneur, told IBNA that every crisis has an impact on their business.

“Whenever there’s a political crisis, people are less inclined to buy, invest or spend. This situation can be seen on our activity too, therefore we believe that crises are not necessary, because we’ve seen one too many of them. As citizens and as entrepreneurs, we’re fed up of political crises and other aspects. Politicians must listen to the voice of the citizens, because they want stability, development and improvement of their living standards and fewer crises and problems”, says Selim Ramizi from Tetovo.

The government of the country promised the arrival of several foreign investors in the first quarter of this year, but the latest developments have left the government media campaign for the promotion of foreign investments on the shadow.

Political situation in FYR Macedonia became tense, as the opposition published a number of documents that relate to the eavesdropping of senior state officials and which demonstrate the abuses of power, intervention in the judicial system and in other domains by the government. /ibna/