Political crisis is damaging the formation of the Kosovo Army

Political crisis is damaging the formation of the Kosovo Army

Pristina, October 3, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Acting minister of Kosovo’s Security Force, Agim Ceku, says that the political crisis and the delay in the formation of institutions, is damaging the transformation of Security Forces to Armed Forces.

“These delays are damaging this big national project. I believe that institutions of Kosovo will be formed as soon as possible and one of the priorities of the new parliament and the new government will be to take a decision for Kosovo to have its own army”, said Ceku.

He says that the formation of the army of Kosovo requires a change in the Constitution and this process was prevented by Serb lawmakers during the last legislature, as they conditioned the constitutional changes with the reserved seats.

“At that time, we were ahead of the elections and there was not a will by several opposition parties to negotiate with Serb MPs and we decided to make the constitutional changes during this legislature”, says Ceku.

According to him, Kosovo is close to meeting the criteria to become a NATO member.

As far as Kosovo Security Forces’ presence in the north is concerned, Ceku said that this is not part of the talks with Serbia and Kosovo has agreed not to go there without permission from the KFOR commander.

Outgoing  prime minister, Hashim Thaci declared that Kosovo will have its own army immediately after the constitution of the new parliament.

After a meeting with the delegation of the NATO parliamentary assembly, led by its president, Hugh Bayley, prime minister Thaci said that Kosovo has now announced the formation of the Armed Forces and that it’s expecting the creation of parliament to continue with further steps.

The mission of the Armed Forces of Kosovo will be to defend the country, the sovereignty and territorial integrity, the interest and the wealth of the citizens and the interests of Kosovo. /ibna/