Police and people stopped coup in Turkey

Police and people stopped coup in Turkey

Turkey, July 15, 2016/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

The underlying opposition of a section of the Turkish army to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, broke out late Friday night when military units, supported by tanks and warplanes tried to seize power from the legally elected government.

It all started at about ten o’clock on Friday evening with a barrage of breaking news.

Gunfire and low-flying fighter jets and helicopters near the General Staff in Ankara, tanks on the two large bridges over the Bosporus and in front of the Ataturk airport of Istanbul, barricades on main roads and a “black out” of state channels, was the scenenery formed.

At the same time many Internet services -Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.- stopped functioning.

Shortly afterwards Prime Minister Yildirim confirmed that “part of the army is conducting a coup”.

“The Turkish armed forces have assigned the governance of the country to return to constitutional order, human rights and freedoms, rule of law and general security, which have been hit.”

This short announcement was made by the occupied state television station shortyly before midnight with which the would-be coup plotters indicated their intentions.

The communiqué claimed that democracy and the secular rule of law was abolished by Erdogan and it promised a new constitution for the country while stressing that the Council guarantees the freedom of all Turkish citizens “regardless of race, religion or language.”

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The Turkish president – in the dramatic hours for the neighboring country – addressed the Turkish people from CNN Turk via facetime, arguing that the coup would fail because it is only supported by a small group of officers of the armed forces, and called on the people to flock to squares and airports to defend democracy.

Several thousand people poured into central parts of Turkey. Photos and videos from eyewitnesses show people to wrangling with soldiers on bridges and city parks. In the early hours of Saturday the scene was completely overturned.

The elected Government of Turkey began to regain control of the country while police began to carry out a series of arrests in various parts of Turkey.

Erdogan, who returned to Istanbul from Bodrum where he had been on holiday, early on Saturday morning spoke of treason against the people and the President of Turkey and announced a clearance in the Turkish army, photographing Abdulah Gulen as the head of the coup.

“The matter will be completely finished, removing all those connected that hide within the country’s authorities, as we did with terrorist organizations,” Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, adding that the Turkey of tomorrow “will be different.”


Preacher Fethullah Gülen, who President Erdogan directly attacked, condemned “in the most unequivocal terms” the attempted coup that took place in Turkey.

“I suffered from several military coups in the past 50 years and therefore I find it particularly offensive to be accused that I have anything to do with this attempt. I categorically deny these accusations,” he said in a statement.

“I condemn the military coup in Turkey in the most unequivocal manner,” said 75 year-old Gulen.

The coup that occurred in the political center, Ankara, and the financial center of Istanbul, failed to overturn the Yildirim government, as found it found both the police and the gendarmerie in its way, as well as the people who, from the very first moment, took to the streets to defend the legally elected government.

The military establishment, although it operationally performed a well-organized plan to overthrow the government, failed to take into serious account, firstly, the Turkish people, which as demonstrated in the last elections support Erdogan, and secondly the longstanding enemies of Erdogan, media and social media, which acted – intentionally or unintentionally – in his favor.

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All private channels, newspapers and websites, broadcast events live and gave the entire political world a voice to roundly condemn the coup, strengthening the people’s desire to prevent the deposition.

Another important ally of the Government were the units of the Police and Gendarmerie which immediately moved against the coup. A great number of police forces developed in all regions and discreetly watched everything that seemed to help the instigators of the coup, to stop it, while in Ankara and Istanbul they had operational participation.

The failed attempt of the coup is due to failure to control the MIT, which was coordinated and organized in informing the political leadership on the coup.