Police operation leads to the arrest of several opposition representatives

Police operation leads to the arrest of several opposition representatives

Pristina, 16 February 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

On the eve of Independence Day, Kosovo police have arrested several MPs and activists of opposition parties.

After yesterday’s arrest of the spokesman of Self Determination, Frasher Krasniqi, police arrested today the head of the parliamentary group of this party, Glauk Konjufca.

These arrests relate to the demolition of EULEX cars in 2009.

Kosovo police spokesman, Daut Hoxha says that the arrest warrants were issued by competent authorities.

“Police is making arrests based on the court warrants. We are just executing these orders”, he said.

Opposition representatives aim at failing the protest which has been scheduled on 17 February, on Independence Day.

“Now that there are only a few days remaining from the massive protest of united opposition, the efforts to stop and weaken the 17 February protest continue. These efforts are intensified every time the opposition gets ready to protest. The opposition will not stop and the protest will be massive”, Self Determination says.

Meanwhile, Alliance for the Future of Kosovo says that these arrests have been carried out to provoke violence in tomorrow’s protest.

“But the opposition is responsible and will not submit to the scenarios  for a violent protest. The 17 February protest will be civilized and peaceful, therefore we demand to the government not to provoke anything”, AAK says.

Meanwhile, Incentive for Kosovo says that the arrests of opposition members a few hours before the protest is a clear indicator that this regime wants to intimidate the citizens. This party has invited the citizens not to be provoked by these repressive measures of thre current regime. /ibna/