Police does not give permission for the protest, opposition: The protest will take place

Police does not give permission for the protest, opposition: The protest will take place

Following the statement issued by State Police, which spoke of possible violence during the protest, Tirana police did not allow  for the protest to take place in certain areas that the DP requested. Reaction: The law requires us to inform Police and not to seek for permission. The government is trying to deter people from participating. Spiropali launches a direct appeal: Do not attend the protest. On Saturday, the opposition wants to burn the country down. DP: We have taken all security precautions

The government and its structures are trying to minimize as much as possible the number of participants on Saturday’s protest which will be organized by the opposition.

The first step was the statement issued by State Police which aimed at deterring people from participating in this protest by warning them for unrest and possible violent acts during Saturday’s gathering. State Police said that it had identified violent individuals who would attend this protest. The effect was quick. Following a small survey that the newspaper carried out with tens of people in Tirana, more than half of them said that they did not feel secure in the protest after the statement released by State Police.

Meanwhile, Tirana police also issued a statement saying that it did had not given permission for the protest to be held in certain areas requested by the opposition.

The third step was the strong declaration that was issued yesterday by Elisa Spiropali, who said that “the opposition wants to burn the country down on Saturday”.

The Minister for Relations with Parliament and government spokesperson, after criticizing the act of the democrat MP, Edi Paloka who sprayed Prime Minister Rama with ink in parliament, issued a direct warning for citizens demanding them not to participate in the protest: “My message goes to all of those people who are more intelligent than the crowd that entered parliament to offer the show that we saw. I call on them not to follow the opposition’s example”.

All of these declarations have deterred a considerable number of people from attending the protest. The Democratic Party seemed to have realized this, because yesterday it declared that the protest would not be violent. “The Democratic Party would like to assure people that it has taken all the necessary measures to guarantee safety during the protest and to allow people to demonstrate freely”, the largest opposition party said.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Party has also commented the fact that police have not given permission for the protest to be held in certain areas.  According to DP, this party is not expecting State Police to give permission for the protest, because the right to protest is a constitutional right. “This is the reason why the law states that Police should be informed and that no permission should be requested”, the DP said. Meanwhile, according to this party, State Police is obeying Prime Minister Rama’s political orders, fearing the massive protest that this party is expected to hold. “The Democratic Party would like to remind State Police that it has a legal responsibility to guarantee security in those locations where the protest will be held”.

Meanwhile, the leader of the Democratic Party declared yesterday that “Saturday’s confrontation is clear”, adding that: “There’s a big thief beyond police cordon and in front of him are the people of this country who have been stolen. We will open the doors to Europe altogether in Saturday’s protest”. Basha promised that “there will be no turning back until Edi Rama leaves”.

Vice speaker of parliament, Edi Paloka declared that the goal of this protest is to overthrow this government. “This is just the start”, was Paloka’s message to the Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, it’s still unclear what the opposition’s strategy will be on Saturday. The only thing which is known is the fact that a protest will be held in the center of Tirana, where there will be speeches by political leaders and by ordinary citizens. It is not yet known what the opposition wants to achieve through this protest, however, what grabs the attention is the fact that Socialist Movement for Integration led by Monika Kryemadhi has not joined the democrats in their calls for the government to be overthrown, suggesting a political solution and an interim government. Its leader, Kryemadhi declared that: “The only solution to this situation is the formation of an interim government which will hold free and honest elections”.

At this point, we just need to wait and see what Saturday’s protest will bring, hoping for this protest to be as peaceful as possible, in order not to take Albanians back to the bitter experience of January 21, 2011.

Protest, Rama goes to Vlora

The head of the government has decided to travel to Vlora on the day that the opposition will hold its protest. Rama has organized a rally in the southern city at 10:30 am and has called for a massive participation in it. /ibna/