Police commissioner in Albania discourages asylum seekers

Police commissioner in Albania discourages asylum seekers

Tirana, 11 August 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

Albanian police commissioner, Haki Cako inspected the measures taken by police authorities in preventing people who want to seek asylum in the EU member countries.

From the Rinas airport, the head of the State Police said that border police and all other police structures are engaged to stop people from seeking asylum. Cako said that citizens must not undertake such thing, as they would be deprived of their right to move freely in the Shenghen countries.

Cako appealed for all citizens who want to live and work in the EU countries, to do this through legal procedures.

Cako said that in the past nine months, 9 million people have entered and exited the country and the highest number has been registered during the summer season.

“A figure which needs to be mentioned is that of the 2,2 million foreign citizens who have visited the country”, Cako says.

Police commissioner said that border crossing points have been reinforced in order not to allow abuses with free movement. /ibna/