Police capture all 7 fugitives from the prison of Drenova

Police capture all 7 fugitives from the prison of Drenova

Kostur, November 28, 2013

All 7 inmates who escaped the high security prison of Drenova in Korca have been arrested. Reiz Haxhiraj was the last inmate which was arrested by Greek police in the mountains of Kostur in Greece.

Haxhiraj’s arrest thus brings to an end the operation for the capture of the fugitives of 6 days ago.

Eduard Lulo was arrested in the early hours of this morning in the same where area where Gezim Toma was arrested yesterday.

Toma is said to have been involved in armed confrontation with Greek police and that he has sustained injuries.

Saturday night, a few hours after the jail break, police arrested Artur Gora, who was traveling on a taxi to his home. Meanwhile, on Sunday afternoon, in an old warehouse in Perrenjas, police arrested three other fugitives, Admir Tafili, Gezim Guri and Fran Marashi.

The arrest of the 7 inmates from the high security prison in Korca has also led to the reaction of prime minister Edi Rama and Minister of Interior, Saimir Tahiri.

“An excellent coordination with the Greek police to arrest the last 3 fugitives. It’s a good start on the victory against crime”, said Rama on Facebook.

On his part, the Minister of Interior, Saimir Tahiri considers this as a new start for the State Police.

“The runaway comes to an end! This marks a new chapter for the State Police. A beautiful day for justice, rule of law and security. Lots of thanks to the State Police”, says Tahiri on Facebook. /ibna/