PM Rama analyzes the economic and social situation in Albania

PM Rama analyzes the economic and social situation in Albania

IBNA Special Report

Tirana, August 21, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

In the first press conference after the holidays, prime minister Edi Rama made an analysis of the economic and social situation in Albania. He talked about issues of tourism, education, security and responded to the questions of journalists about the theft at the Bank of Albania and the possibility of the resignation of governor Ardian Fullani and the scandal of Saranda.

The theft at the Bank of Albania

As far as the theft at the Bank of Albania is concerned, Prime Minister Edi Rama said that the government has not kept quiet, adding that there’s a big difference between the government and civil society.

According to him, the government has a special role adding that, “In the declaration issued by the Council of Ministers, we have said that this for us, is a serious criminal act, as it’s a great challenge for the prosecution which must resolve this case and identify the people who were responsible for the theft at the Bank, which I must stress, it’s an independent institution. Why don’t you ask me as to why I don’t request the resignation of the head of the Constitutional Court or the Supreme Court? As a prime minister, I cannot demand the resignation of the head of an independent institution. But, on the other hand, it’s a big challenge for parliament, which means parliament and the government must analyze the situation. It would be the same as if I asked the president to resign”.

According to him, the consequences cannot be avoided if a political war with the Bank of Albania is started. Rama said that the government cannot be the first to talk about issues of such nature.

The president

Asked about the return to parliament that the president of republic, Bujar Nishani made to three laws, Rama said that the head of the state is using the arguments of the Democratic Party.

“The time when ‘bombs’ were launched against the president is over with the government that left on June 23. We don’t attack the president of the republic. The current president of Albania is the first one in the post communist period to attack the government”.

The scandal in Saranda

Asked about the scandal in Saranda, where the secretary of the socialist MP, Koco Kokedhima, Agron Cane demanded sexual favors with a 14 year old girl in exchange of a job to her mother, Rama said that there’s no bigger disgrace than what was seen.

According to him, it’s a shame that this issue is being politically used, adding that it was clear that after the scandal, the MP office denounced the act and distanced himself, while the Socialist Party expelled him from the party and police arrested him.

Other topics

Premier Rama started his conference with tourism. He said that this year, there’s been an increase of 14% of the number of tourists compared to a year ago and with a total of 1.2 million visitors.

As far as law and order is concerned, the prime minister said that the number of murders compared to a year ago is 30% smaller, while thefts have gone down 75% as opposed to last year.

The prime minister said that the economy is improving, stressing that foreign investments have increased by 12,8% this year, adding that investments have amounted to over 1 billion USD worth of foreign direct investments. As far as employment is concerned, the prime minister said that the new job centers have been able to employee 10389 people. The prime minister said that over 20 thousand new vacancies have been registered in the job centers, to be made available for jobseekers.

As far as finances are concerned, the prime minister said that compared to a year ago, revenues generated from the VAT are higher.

Opposition reacts

Democrat MP, Genc Pollo reacted today following the press conference of prime minister Edi Rama. He said that although Rama was available for two hours to answer questions, he didn’t issue any explanation about the issues that concern the opposition. According to the democrat MP, there were 11 issues for which the head of the government didn’t answer:

1-      Why has he not reacted for 42 days, when everyone has seen how he has incriminated parliament by making an MP a person convicted for prostitution and abduction?

2-      Why did he offer to CEZ 95 million Euros in cash, while the company owes 3 billion USD to the state?

3-      Why does he insist on having the IMEI numbers?

4-      Why didn’t he consult with the international community on the reform on justice?

5-      Why didn’t he consult the public on the territorial reform?

6-      How come, after one year in office, there has been no public investments and no new jobs?

7-      Why has he not said a word about the tragedy in mines where 13 miners have lost their life in a year?

8-      Why has the administration in Vlore been filled with traffickers and child abductors?

9-      Why has there not been made any free legalizations after a year? The health service is more expensive and all indicators of law and order have deteriorated.

10-  Why doesn’t he apply court orders?

11-  Why does he praise job centers, at a time when employment is done in the offices of socialist MPs in exchange of disgraceful bargaining? /ibna/