PM Mustafa unveils government plan for this year

PM Mustafa unveils government plan for this year

Pristina, January 16, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

PM Mustafa has presented the government plan for this year on Friday during a news conference.

Mustafa mentioned several of the priorities that this government will have during this year, including budget planning. According to Mustafa, the government plan will be ready in mid February.

The head of the government said that the leveling of salaries will soon begin and according to him, each public servant and governing cabinet official will undergo an appraisal, based on which they will be rewarded.

As far as the promise for a 25% increase of salaries is concerned, made by the previous government, Mustafa said that this will not be possible.

“The decision not to increase salaries doesn’t make us happy. We were forced to take this decision, because there’s no sufficient money in the budget”.

According to the head of the government, this year, the economy will see a growth. He promised that during 2015, GDP will see a growth of 4%.

According to him, the stimulation of agriculture through different grants will be a priority for economic development. Mustafa promised tougher measures against corruption and organized crime.

The head of the government also promised that there will be more engagement in the domain of integration. He said that within this year, the government will aim at drafting 100 bills to be voted in parliament. /ibna/