PM Haradinaj: Kosovo has no radical Islam

PM Haradinaj: Kosovo has no radical Islam

The Prime Minister’s office and UNDP have published a report on foreign fighters who have returned home.

On the occasion of the publication of this report, Prime Minister of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj said that the idea of the existence of radical Islam in Kosovo is something which has been made up.

“The idea of dangerous Islam in Kosovo has been made up. Kosovo is a fatherland to everyone and we are ready to repatriate everyone who wants to return. Kosovo is engaged in guaranteeing everyone’s lives”, Haradinaj said.

Meanwhile, the US ambassador, Greg Delawie said that institutions of Kosovo must work in order for young people not to surrender in front of violent ideologies.

“To be entirely effective, we must now allow radicals to recruit. This report points out the institutions that need to work with youngsters, in order for them not to kneel in front of this pressure”, the US ambassador said. /