PM, Banja Luka bishop talk status of Croats in Bosnian Serb entity

PM, Banja Luka bishop talk status of Croats in Bosnian Serb entity

Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic on Thursday received the Bishop of Banja Luka, Msgr Franjo Komarica, and discussed the difficult position of Croats over the past two decades in the Bosnian Serb entity of Republika Srpska, notably problems they are faced with in trying to return to their prewar homes, Plenkovic’s public relations office said in a press release.

Bishop Komarica expressed his support for the Croatian government and Prime Minister Plenkovic and the activities and projects the government is undertaking to assist Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The prime minister underscored that an additional form of assistance would be training and counselling on how to apply for European Union funds, particularly for projects earmarked for the young.

Plenkovic thanked Komarica for everything the diocese and the diocesan Caritas charity is doing for Croats in that region, including aid for the poor, the elderly and sick and children as well as projects in the economy that facilitate employment in that entity.

According to the press release, the prime minister offered concrete help in those efforts, saying that care for Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina is not just a constitutional obligation but also a moral obligation for every Croatian government./IBNA