Plevneliev: The big battle between Democrats and populists is coming

Plevneliev: The big battle between Democrats and populists is coming

Governance is an exercise for wise people. They should have realized long ago that victory and defeat are very close to each other and are not that important, said former Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev to Bulgarian bTV.

“We will see a lot of new roles. The last elections had a high turnout taking into account the crisis we are in – the pandemic. “I want to thank the young people who went to the polls, people have an opinion and they want to defend it”, Plevneliev said. According to him, politicians are on the move to prove that they are politicians.

As the former President noted, the request for change is more than clear, from now on it must be implemented. “All Bulgarians must realize what is happening not only in our country, but also in the world. I have always said that the big battle is not between the left and the right, but between the Democrats and the populists. This is the conflict around the world in recent years”, Rosen Plevneliev pointed out.

The big battle between Democrats and populists is coming; Bulgaria is infected with populism and will pay a high price, Rosen Plevneliev also believes. “The sooner the populists come to power, the sooner we will get rid of them. The populists are becoming a status quo and the next battle will be against them”, the former president predicted.

“GERB is the first political force – this is a historic achievement, we must not forget it. From another point of view, systemic parties, those who believe in institutions, rules and values, are still in the majority. The anti-systemic parties, which I also call populist, say that the ruling party is a mob and a mafia. Those who promise to change the system are on the rise. They did not win this election in absolute numbers, it will be difficult for them to form a government”, Rosen Plevneliev predicts.

“We have a populist president who says leaders are fellons and promises to change the system. We have three political entities in the new National Assembly. “There are such people”, “Stand Up! Mafia Out!” and “Democratic Bulgaria”, which I would put in the category of populist parties. For each of them, including the president, we have not yet seen how they will be able to fulfill their promises”, he said.

“The party that wanted to be called ‘There is no such country’ is likely to rule the country. The 2016 referendum had three outright unconstitutional issues, Rosen Plevneliev added. Let people think about what was behind these issues and what would happen. If we reduce the subsidies of the parties to 1 lev, it means that we had them some funding in the background. If we have a two-round majority election, it means a dictatorship of the big parties. If we want the majority election of the Advocate General, that means absolute dictatorship. Democracy is based on a balance between the interests of different groups and between institutions and not on the imposition of unstable decisions, in the name of the people over time”, Rosen Plevneliev added.

“Balances are difficult, but this is politics and we will choose between the least bad. Immediate elections after that, for example in July, will lead to bigger surprises and more chaos. I am almost convinced that we will have a government. I do not rule out a coalition between BSP, MRF and ‘There is such a people’; let us not forget that BSP and MRF have always played together”, said Rosen Plevneliev, adding that all three populist parties were likely to agree on many important issues.

“I spoke to Boyko Borissov after the election and told him only one thing – I congratulate him on the fact that GERB continues to make history with this result. What impressed me the most was how many European leaders congratulated GERB”, Rosen Plevneliev said.

Borissov and his team have proven more than once that they listen carefully to the people. The mistakes are a fact and I think Borissov read them. I think he has prepared a surprise in the coming weeks. Not only will he show that he has listened carefully to the voice of the people, but he will also emerge as a pro-European and pro-democratic government”, Plevneliev said.

According to him, it will be the next generation of GERB, which will come out and say: We are an alternative to the populists. No one is afraid of the office of President Rumen Radev”, he added./ibna