Plenkovic, Covic say selective approach unacceptable

Plenkovic, Covic say selective approach unacceptable

Prime Minister and Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) chief Andrej Plenkovic and Croat members of the Bosnian collective presidency and HDZ BiH leader Dragan Covic said on Monday that a selective approach to suspects in certain crimes was unacceptable.

“Croatia and the HDZ strongly believe it is necessary to shed light on each crime and, if responsibility is established, institutions of the law-based state must take action. However (…) a selective approach to suspects for certain crimes is unacceptable for us,” Plenkovic said.

He stressed that the session of the HDZ Presidency and the National Council, which was also attended by Covic, focused on political, legal and security consequences of the arrests of ten former Croat HVO forces members, The arrests took place only several days after otherwise “a very quality, friendly and constructive visit which I paid to Sarajevo, Kiseljak and Mostar 10 days ago.” He reiterated that his visit to BiH was aimed at supporting Bosnia’s European path and strengthen the equal position of the Croat people in Bosnia.

Plenkovic expressed satisfaction with the fact that Covic explained to members of the HDZ Presidency and the National Council the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, notably in Orasje, following the arrests of the former HVO officers.

He reiterated his full legal and consular support to the arrestees as well financial, if necessary.

Plenkovic underscored he would continue to closely cooperate with Covic and his friends in Bosnia and Herzegovina in an effort to resolve the current situation and agree on cooperation in the future.

“Nobody can stop our European path. The leaders of that European path are representatives of the Croat people in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” Covic said.

In his opinion, the arrest of the 10 former HVO members, which took place on All Saints’ Day, the model and the timing were aimed at sending a clear message to PM Plenkovic who two days earlier paid a very successful visit to Bosnia, pledging his support to Bosnia’s European path,

Commenting on the Orasje arrests, Covic said he was confident that those who wanted to take a selective approach to processing war events from 1991 and 1992 would not be successful./IBNA