Platform for new businesses launched in Kosovo

Platform for new businesses launched in Kosovo

The “Young Entrepreneurs” platform was launched today in Pristina by Education Code. Education Code director, Mimoza Krasniqi-Stanovci said that the idea of this project was to empower youngsters and women in economy.

According to her, their products must be promoted, in order for new businesses not to fail for lack of promotion.

“We have launched this project based on the problems that businesses encounter every day. Their products must be promoted. This is the only way for these businesses to survive. 90% of new businesses fail due to the lack of promotion”, Stanovci said.

Meanwhile, Linda Abrashi-Shala of Techno Market says that she strongly supports companies established by youngsters.

Shala said that this platform has been a very good idea and that these youngsters must be given a chance to work. /