Plans to remove the monuments in Skopje and the talks about the name dispute

Plans to remove the monuments in Skopje and the talks about the name dispute

The monuments of “Alexander the Great”, “Mother Teresa” and “Andon Janev Koseto” will soon be removed from Skopje’s central square. The government has gathered a group of experts who are reviewing the monuments built as part of the “Skopje 2014” project.

The group’s task is to assess the legal aspects of the procedures followed for the construction of the monuments which covered the main space of Skopje’s central square.

“Two reports have been drafted so far and delivered to the minister of Culture. Then, they will be sent to the government in order to decide the fate of these monuments”, says the head of this group, architect Miroslav Grcev.

Grcev says that there are no political agendas in this case, because what the group is doing, is merely assessing that every monument has been erected according to the law. The reports sent to the Ministry of Culture suggest that these monuments be lifted, because there’s a serious breach of the Constitution and laws.

Meanwhile, VMRO-DPMNE is strongly against the plans to remove these monuments.

“The removal of the monuments will be a dangerous step which will cause new divides in our society. But, everything that will be destroyed by the social democrat government, will be restored once we return to power”, says VMRO-DPMNE.

Experts of political affairs say that the plans to remove some of the monuments aim at calming down the relations with Greece regarding the name dispute.

Former ambassador Alajdin Demiri says that the removal of the monuments comes after the requests made by the Greeks who want to see Skopje take the first step toward unblocking the negotiations about the name and give way to a solution.

Meanwhile, media in Skopje report that the Greek side is requesting the removal of the monuments of Alexander the Great and Philip II from the center of Skopje and also to change the name of “Alexander the Great” airport, in order to provide a more relaxed atmosphere while launching the talks for the name dispute. /