Piraeus uni bets on Tilos and solar energy

Piraeus uni bets on Tilos and solar energy

Tilos is a small Greek island in the southern Aegean Sea and it belongs to the island complex of Dodecanese. Its population is about 800 and if not reached from Kos or Rhodes -the big islands near it- then one needs most hours of a whole day to get there.

But this small Greek wonder is taking centre stage because of a solar electric vehicle charging station that is about to be installed on the island, as the ANA-MPA reports, in co-operation with the University of Piraeus.

“The research committee approved the funding of the installation of the island’s first vehicle charging station using solar energy.
As the Tilos municipality announced, it is a very important and innovative initiative for the island as the procedures for the installation are part of its cooperation with the University of Piraeus through the European Programme TILOS-Horizon 2020.

According to the research team’s proposal, the specific station will become an example for clean electromobility throughout the islands and will offer charging equipment for two cars or one car and two motorcycles.”

The necessary power is also something the university will provide,through “harvesting solar radiation with the assistance of modern photovoltaic frames”, that will not only aid the island’s energy autonomy but environment as a whole…/IBNA