PIC Steering Board held session in BiH – Inzko admits different view points exist

PIC Steering Board held session in BiH – Inzko admits different view points exist

On a Friday afternoon press conference, the High Representative in BiH, Valentin Inzko presented  the conclusions of the Peace Implementation Council Steering Board (PIC SB) that held a BiH session and added that, within the PIC Steering Board, there are different views on the definition of the topic and processes, but that all members have the same goal.

“While there is a different view on certain issues, we have the same goal. We are all committed to supporting territorial integrity of the BiH. Speaking about the Russian Federation, this state gave full support to the Security Council in the decision to extend the mandate of EUFOR. Yesterday, during the first day of the session, we focused on the development of the situation in relation to the situation we had in June this year. Also, we talked about electoral issues, the rule of law and the processes related to BiH’s path to the EU. We have dealt with the economic challenges which BiH is facing. Unfortunately, we concluded that there are areas in which divisions and disagreements exist, and political actors have not found any path that leads to a consensus. In some cases, the reforms have completely stopped,” Inzko said at a press conference.

He expressed the hope that there will be significant progress in completing the Questionnaire, which should have been submitted to EU Commission already. Inzko emphasised that the Questionnaire contains a lot of questions. There are about 500 questions that are difficult, so they were left unanswered. “I must say that negative trends continue, many have regretted the rhetoric that leads to divisions. We do not meet so often, and among other topics we have discussed were the decisions of the Hague Tribunal,” said Inzko.

He emphasised that, in BiH there are periods in which financial resources were lost due to political parties’ fights and added that PIC SB also discussed the rhetoric of politicians in Bosnia and Herzegovina with a special accent on messages coming from the Republic of Srpska (RS).

“The RS officials continue with its old statements, speaking about BiH as a union of states. But, the fact is that the RS is a part of BiH, that it is an entity and that it is not a state in any sense. BiH is a unified country that is decentralized, but we want it to be more functional. Foreign policy is the exclusive competence of state institutions. The RS National Assembly made a decision on a referendum and, putting a decision out of force, recognized that it was clear violation of Dayton. Regarding the Federation BiH, we had the same problems that are still present because there is no common policy or objectives. The pre-election campaign has already begun and we talked about it. Some parties work best when they launch conflicts. BiH needs to make decisions and continue the reforms, to use this time until elections to do something before new elections of the government begin. We i n the PIC SB talked about some solutions,” said Valentin Inzko.

PIC SB, as usual after the session, issued the communique, but the representative of the Russian Federation in this institution did not support this document, because of the disagreement on the conclusions regarding the integration of Bih in NATO…/IBNA