New phone conversations with Erdogan on the internet

New phone conversations with Erdogan on the internet


By Manolis Kostidis – Ankara

New phone conversations that seem to belong to Erdogan and his son Bilal (photo) “burn” the Turkish prime minister.

Bilal Erdogan’s conversation was posted on the internet, in which he stated that the businessman did not manage to bring the whole amount, most possible referring to a bribe, and that he only managed to collect $10 million. The Turkish prime minister asks him to not accept the money, since he did not bring the whole amount.

The dialogue goes like this:

Bilal Erdogan: “Sitki Ayan came yesterday and told me that he did not manage to transfer the whole amount. He told me that he has collected $10 million and he can give the rest later when we want”.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan: “Do not even think about taking this amount. Let them honor their word. If they can’t there is no need. What do they think this is? How is it that others bring them; what kind of words are these? Do not worry, they will sit on our lap”.

Bilal Erdogan: “OK father”

Sitki Ayan is a businessman, who through his company SOM acts as a mediator between Turkey and abroad, especially Syria, for the buying and selling of energy.