A phone conversation between Erdogan and his son on the internet

A phone conversation between Erdogan and his son on the internet


He tells of his son to move the $1 billion he has at his residence.

“It is a montage; it is an attack in order to overthrow me”, states the Turkish Prime Minister

By Manolis Kostidis – Ankara

An unknown source (possibly the order of Gulen) have posted on the internet a phone conversations between Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his son. The conversation appears to be taking place on December 17, 2013, the day the corruption scandal was revealed. Erdogan, speaking on the phone, informs his son Bilal of the arrests of the ministers’ sons and tells him to make the money disappear or as he characteristically states, “to zero the accounts”.

Erdogan asks to move the money that have remained in the residence (€30 million) and give them to known businessmen so as to not get caught, “the way they caught the others”. What’s more, he asks the money transfer to take place at night in order not to be seen by anyone.

Bilal Erdogan appears to have had already moved $1 billion and stresses to his father that “the money is not easy to transfer because they are large in volume”.

The prime minister’s office issued a statement, which does not refuse the existence of the conversation, but refers to it as an unacceptable product of montage. There are fears for the existence of a video with footage of the money transfer.

Erdogan called for an emergency meeting on the subject, with the Head of the MIT, Hakan Fidan, and examined the steps that are to be taken next.

The Turkish prime minister referred to the matter in his Parliamentary Group and stated that “everything is a product of montage, a filthy attack on the prime minister”. He spoke of “the power of the people” and that “there are those who want to overthrow him like they did with Menderes (Menderes had been overthrown and hanged after the military coup in 1960).

Erdogan spoke against the order of Gulen and stated that it is hiding behind all this.

Bilal Erdogan, in the phone conversation with his father, expressed his concern that they might also be recording them on camera. This statement brings to mind that footage of the money transfer might be posted in the next few days, if the phone conversations are real.