Petty and pitiful people

Petty and pitiful people

Erol Rizaov

After losing the elections and declaring victory, VMRO-DPMNE’s top people cannot seem to stop boasting and crying all at the same time over major election irregularities. They talk all over that their victory is clean because it is Macedonian, and the government’s defeat is dirty and rigged because it is a gang of Macedonian traitors in conjunction with various non-Macedonians, mainly Albanians, Turks, Roma, Bosniaks and other blends of unknown foreign origin gathered in 31 political parties. Those who did not vote were always VMRO-DPMNE supporters, according to the opposition party.

A more chauvinistic and a more fascist thesis, when votes are counted by measuring the purity of national and religious affiliation, has not been recorded so far in the 29-year-old parliamentary history.

In pre-election campaigns there have always been inter-ethnic tensions projected by party headquarters and leaders with hate speech, but mainly until they win. And then, they act as if nothing had happened, the party leaders sit down to share power as a military captive letting the consequences in the crowd smolder under the ashes, igniting them whenever it is needed by politicians in the battles for power and wealth. But such a thing, like this one now after the presidential elections, which were really the best ever, not only because they were fair and credible and without any serious irregularity that would affect the result, but mostly because there was a consensual candidate on the right side of history, which marks the European future of North Macedonia. And he won.

And instead of appropriately congratulating the winner, and accepting the greatest mutual benefit of all citizens for having democratic elections, a fact confirmed by hundreds of domestic and foreign observers confirmed by the State Election Commission and its president from among the ranks the opposition, seen by everyone who voted that day, the complaints of the victorious VMRO-DPMNE for alleged serious election irregularities arrived. So it turned out that the excellent national result is honest and fair, and the mixed multinational victory is a disaster. Those who voted for Gordana Siljanovska-Davkova are patriots, and those who voted for Stevo Pendarovski are servants of the government and “Severdzhani (Northerners)”. Imagine what kind of national tragedy is when the votes of non-Macedonians became crucial for the election of a Macedonian as President of the state. As if “Shqiptars” elected a Macedonian President. What would be even more terrible than this is Macedonians electing a non-Macedonian and non-Christian, especially a pure-blooded Albanian, as father of the nation, which certainly will not happen in the foreseeable future. But it’s terrible to think even about it.

What is behind this count of votes on a national basis. That is the worst thing that brings us back again because the “Together Forward” slogan becomes dangerous for all nationalists and chauvinists, well positioned in all parties and media. These days we witnessed a public auction of raising the price of ethnic votes. VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski and their non-partisan presidential candidate Gordana Siljanovska-Davkova came out to announce to the public that the Albanians took the victory from the hands of Macedonians. Bravo, this is what we call the rule of law according a sample from Professor Siljanovska, and according to the patriotism of VMRO-DPMNE, when the democratic right of one person-one vote does not apply if they are of different ethnic origin and different faiths. Such rule of law reaches its zenith in the next step when the right to vote of the citizens of the second and third order and the foreigners is abolished.

Unfortunately, the Albanian political parties and leaders went along the same logic to prove that if there weren’t for their Albanian votes Pendarovski and SDSM would have lost the elections. Thus, a peacetime historic revolution and democratic evolution is in danger of being overrun by nationalistic counts. And some Social Democrats saw the great threat that the next elections could be lost, so they pitifully warn and call for paying attention to the absence of Macedonian votes, which should mean that harmony between Macedonian, Albanian and other citizens from different nationalities becomes harmful, which they are more recognizing the state interests and the reality that only jointly can be reached in Europe and implement the reforms that contain all interests, the national, linguistic and cultural specifics.

All in all, after the elections, on the political scene a bunch of petty and pitiful people switched on their calculators.

It is not difficult to discover what will happen in the coming days and months. It’s no secret, Hristijan Mickoski has already announced that hell begins. The opposition will invite all the citizens who voted for VMRO-DPMNE to save Macedonia from the “regime” of Zoran Zaev, the criminals who illegally came to power, the traitors who surrendered their national interests, sold the holy name of the country, degraded the Macedonian language, allowing a second official language, impoverished the people who find their rescue in emigration, threw the country in debt in foreign and domestic banks, destroyed the great economic successes of the previous government, captured the state and abolished its legal and social order. A new patriotic revolution on the streets of Macedonia begins. They are plotting a new, not a colorful one, but a purely monotonous red revolution. No justice, no peace.

As you can see, the last desperate attempt to rescue the rulers who have been robbing the people for 11 years begins. The election results are clouding the minds of the temporary heirs and guardians of Nikola Gruevski’s throne that it is now the right time to raise Macedonia on its feet and take the power back. It is dangerous to be opposition in Macedonia. Only then there is justice. The good and fair presidential elections that were supposed to avoid the political crisis from the eventual insufficient voter turnout, now that President Gjorge Ivanov’s blockade has been removed, is in question with a new impediment to the work of parliament, the government, the institutions of the system, the Euro-Atlantic integration, meanwhile, was allegedly due to a stolen victory like the last general elections. Now the new-old leadership of VMRO-DPMNE thought that this cannot be done without any allies. Can you imagine, even the pure mono-national and unbeatable opposition needed partners both at home and abroad, so the great Aryans and patriots knock on the back door for a union with the Albanian parties Besa and the Alliance for the Albanians, and if they should not even reject the old friend DUI, if found a suitable. They promise Europe that they will not touch the Prespa Agreement, and that they are great supporters of the Western values, since it has no idea of what is happening in our country. Macedonia is again facing new difficulties in a crucial period that was supposed to be dedicated to reforms and negotiations with the EU, and feel the benefits of NATO membership and EU pre-accession funds. Instead, the government will be a designated firefighter to extinguish the fire of the pyromaniacs.

In the plans for street unrest and nationalist conflicts, the best answer is the government to deliver results and concrete measures that will improve citizens’ lives. There is nothing more credible than evident success. Zoran Zaev should lend the sweep and the cleansing policy to VMRO-DPMNE, which has not yet cleared up with the compromised crooks from its leadership, and did not apologize to the citizens for the major crimes, and still hinders justice.

Democratic parties, instead of a “sweep”, establish a rule of responsibility for every mistake and failure. The incompetent and those who have abused powers and their office should give their seats to others. Those who violated the law should face justice. Party purges, ordered verdicts, and violent perpetrators belong to the defeated anachronous revolutionary parties.

Ultimately, justice will prevail, but belated justice is also injustice. It requires great wisdom, courage and commitment for “justice for Macedonia” to come true with justice in Macedonia. If you think about it, these are two very different things. If there is justice in Macedonia, justice from the world for Macedonia will also come. There is no other way out.

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