Person pardoned by president Ivanov found dead

Person pardoned by president Ivanov found dead

Skopje, 28 April 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

Kosta Krpac, the owner of a company tied to the wiretapping affair has been found dead near his home in Skopje.

Police say that this is a case of suicide, but no other details have been issued due to the inquiry.

Krpac, 40 years of age, was the head of “Finzi DOOEL” company, which also owned Netpres, a Skopje based news agency.

Two weeks ago, he was on the list of amnesty decreed by president Ivanov, as he is suspected of being involved in the wiretapping affair, because the company that he led was part of the acquisition of the surveillance equipment from an Israeli company.

“Finzi” company had acquired the surveillance equipment, but based on the registered conversations, the Israeli company would pay hundreds of thousands of euros in reward in case the Ministry of Interior in FYROM would purchase its equipment.

The former head of Secret Services appears in these conversations. Public Prosecution has not issued any details on this death and the circumstances in which it has happened.

“The examination of the body of the victim continues and we cannot offer any further details, as investigations continue”, Public Prosecution said. /