Peristeri on Amphipolis: The skeletons may be remnants of sacrifices or looters

Peristeri on Amphipolis: The skeletons may be remnants of sacrifices or looters

Athens, March 2, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

“We need to focus on the monument, not the bones, which for me do not mean a lot. You cannot perform datings from the dead. For me the skeletons are meaningless. They mislead the investigation”.

These are the statements of the head of the excavation team at Amphipolis, Katerina Peristeri, in an interview with the Real News. Indeed, she goes even further saying that “for me issue of the ‘skeletons’ does not say anything. The area was so disturbed that you cannot draw clear conclusions. The robbers had ravaged everything. Because, as you can see, the burial chamber where they were looking for great treasures sustained a lot of damage, an enormous destruction”.

As for who the skeletons belong to, she was said: “There are many assumptions we can make. The skeletons may have been remnants of sacrifices, may even belong to the looters. Besides, the skeletal material was not in one place”.

Referring to the main dead she said: “Who is the main dead? There is a large piece of skeletal material from the dead found lower than the rest, ie close to the floor, and belongs to a short man, 1.60m. Even this skeleton, however, was scrambled by the robbers. And there is the other thing, if indeed the dead was so precious, they may had even taken him”.

In the same interview Katerina Peristeri speaks for all the other issues that have arisen: answers to her critics, expresses bitterness, describes her feelings for the blows she received, while she talks in detail about the “unique burial complex”, making extensive reference to the first phase of excavation and what comes next.