Perception on the main corrupted domains in FYR Macedonia

Perception on the main corrupted domains in FYR Macedonia

Skopje, May 6, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

In the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, citizens believe that political parties and courts are the most corrupted ones.

Citizens involved in the survey carried out this year throughout the country, say that politicians, customs officers and judges are the most corrupted ones.

The  study called “The opinion of the citizens on corruption in Macedonia” carried out in 33 communes of the country, points out that corruption is mostly carried out by state officials, state administrators, inspection institutions, prosecutors, police, doctors and university professors.

Respondents say that they’re more prone to corruption while they apply for a job or when they’re promoted in the state administration, in avoiding sentences for criminal offenses, taxes on property and enrollment in state universities.

The research shows that while applying for a job in the administration, citizens address to politicians in power who play the role of intermediaries.

This survey was carried out by a scientific research group from the Faculty for Defense in Skopje with 1210 respondents from the age of 18 to 78.

Based on the research, corruption is carried out in different forms, through cash or bank transfers.

Over 70% of the citizens demand a more efficient intervention of the institutions in order to fight corruption and prevent this negative phenomenon. /ibna/