Peoples Party RS joins the DNS

Peoples Party RS joins the DNS

On Thursday, Republika Srpska Peoples Party (NS) will sign a memorandum with Democratic People’s Union (DNS) which will lead to their merge (the NS will become part of the DNS) causing the former to cease to exist.

At first, it was just rumours that came right after the prominent member of the Serb Democratic Party (SDS), Borislav Bojić, left the party and joined DNS at a ceremony in Banja Luka. At the press conference that followed, DNS president, Marko Pavić said that he expects “additional strengthening of the party” very soon. There was no doubt that he meant theNS and its leader, Ognjen Tadić, also a former SDS member. In the period right after NS’s establishment, it was clear that leaders realised the party would never reach the planned number of members and that it stood no chance at the upcoming elections.

The events that led to establishment of the NS began in the autumn of 2016, when the SDS failed to reach the significant number of votes on local elections. Shortly before Mladen Bosić’s resignation, Ognjen Tadić expected to climb at least a notch up at the party hierarchy. But, Bosić decided to appoint the younger Vukota Govedarica. Disappointment was a given fact for Tadić and the breakup was unavoidable.

After several months of negotiations, Tadić left the party with bitter comments, saying that the SDS abandoned the basic values defined in the Party’s basic documents. His new political venture -that left a window of hope open- his own party gathered some SDS members. However, soon it proved to be an unsuccessful step leading many of its members to return to the SDS or join the DNS. When Bojić decided to change the party, Tadić was in negotiations with Pavić and this transfer caused the decision to come faster than expected.

Only a year ago, Ognjen Tadić’s (a member of the ruling coalition in RS) participation in the party, was a bad joke. Tadić used to be an RS president and leader of Alliance of the Independent Social Democrats (SNSD), Milorad Dodik’s election opponent at the polls that were held four years ago. The public in Republika Srpska remember him as a rude and unprofessional person during the televised debate with Dodik. All the time Tadić insulted Dodik, calling him “the dictator” or “the head of all big criminal groups in RS”. Many believe that his vulgarity left him “send best”. Surprisingly, now Tadić will become enter the coalition that is under the SNSD and… Milorad Dodik.

Marko Pavić and his DNS will accept Tadić and others with open arms since they will additionally increase the number of members. According to the last research relevant with the RS political scene, the DNS is still the party that has grown the most since last polls. It has thus become the third biggest party in RS, behind SNSD and SDS. Still, a possible higher member number is not expected to make a huge change, as the SNSD’s supporters in Republika Srpska are too many.

Apparently, the recent history shows that Tadić has made a political mistake when he abandoned the SDS, without fighting for his position. As a matter of fact, he switched from holding a weak position in SDS to holding an even weaker one in DNS; nevertheless, it remains to be seen if the DNS will respect their former agreement and offer him the position of the vice president…. / ΙΒΝΑ