People’s expectations from the new government in FYROM

People’s expectations from the new government in FYROM

New jobs, social care for poor people and transparency. These are some of the expectations that people have for the new government. Sonja L, graduated in economics and unemployed, says that she is expecting the new government to open new jobs. “We want new jobs and transparency in the process of employment. It’s not fair that only people close political parties are employed. If the old trend continues, then this country has no future”, Sonja told

Workers also want changes. They demand an increase of minimum salary, which is around 200 euros. “We want the government to keep its promise for the increase of minimum salary. Zoran Zaev promised that he would increase it to 300 euros. If this happens, then there’s hope”, says Driton Jahiu, a worker in a private business.

Professor of finance at the University of Southeast Europe in Tetovo, Elmi Aziri says that the new government must lead different policies from the previous government in the domain of taxation, increase of public investments and other development projects.

“Taxation policies must change. Taxes should be reduced for the poor and increase for the rich. Workers must be given more rights. The new government must have more transparent budgets”, professor Aziri told

According to him, the new government must not spend money for pointless projects and there should be zero tolerance against corruption.

The Macedonian Social Democratic Union (SDSM), which will lead the new government, has, as part of its program, the employment of 64 thousand people in the private sector and the increase of minimum salary until the end of the government term in office. Its priority is the increase of salaries and it has pledged that minimum salary will be increased to 500 euros. One of the biggest problems relates to the increase of public debt, which at the end of March this year amounted to 4,7 billion euros or 46% of GDP. According to economists, this means that each person in FYROM owes on average 2300 euros.  According to the recent data, unemployment rate is 23,7%, while 21% of people live on the verge of poverty. /