PDSH’s attempt to collaborate with RDK fails

PDSH’s attempt to collaborate with RDK fails

Skopje, October 4, 2013

A few hours after the publication of the incentive for collaboration and unification between the two Albanian opposition parties in FYROM, PDSH and RDK, everything has ended without any concrete results and with accusations exchanged between the two parties. But, sources within PDSH say that it has a scenario ready to attract the majority part of the members of RDK, which is a party with only two seats in parliament.

The head of RDI, Rufi Osmani offered today a model of collaboration according to the model of the two political parties in Albania, Socialist Party and Socialist Movement for Integration.

PDSH on the other hand has reacted toward this by saying that the only thing that RDK manifests is an act of a small man whose aim is to cause turbulence in the Albanian camp, ordered by LSDM.

“As PDSH, we will cut off every contact with this person, bearing in mind that the problems of Albanians in FYROM are something different to what the head of RDK demands. Those few members that have remained in the RDK will join PDSH, while Rufi Osman with several other people will disappear from the political scene”, said PDSH.

The incentive for collaboration or unification between PDSH and RDK has been encouraged by the leader of PDSH, Menduh Thaci. A few hours after this incentive was launched, there have been disagreements between the two political camps. /ibna/