PDSH returns to parliament

PDSH returns to parliament

Skopje, October 20, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

Democratic Albanian Party (PDSH) in opposition, has returned to parliament today, after e period of boycott.

PDSH steering committee decided to send its MPs back to parliament, after having announced a boycott on August 26, following the incidents involving a physical class between MPs of this party and MPs of the Albanian party in power, BDI (Democratic Union for Integration).

Leader of PDSH, Menduh Thaci said that the decision to return to parliament follows the advice of the international community, but, like he said, PDSH will not act as an alibi of the government for the political crisis in the country.

“The arguments opted for the return to parliament, as the message of the international community, EU and USA was clear to come back to parliament and we want to demonstrate full partnership. Secondly, we don’t want to become an alibi of the government that we’re to blame for the process of the integration of the country has come to a deadlock and also, an alibi for the political and economic crisis”, declared Thaci. PDSH abandoned parliament’s proceedings on August 26 of this year, after a physical incident with BDI’s MPs. This party accused the Albanian party in power of exerting violence against Albanian MPs. Although PDSH comes back to parliament, Macedonian opposition continues to boycott parliament. /ibna/