PDSH announces its presidential nominee

PDSH announces its presidential nominee

Skopje, February 26, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

Democratic Albanian Party (PDSH), the second Albanian party in FYR Macedonia, decided today (26.02) to announce Iljaz Halimi, the current chairman of the Central Assembly of this party and one of the veteran politicians in the country, as a presidential nominee.

This announcement was made by leader of PDSH, Menduh Thaci in a press conference delivered in Tetovo, where he said that Albanians must support Halimi’s nomination.

“Knowing the personality of our candidate and knowing him as a prominent professor, we believe that we must offer to Albanians the best candidate. In this race, we will manage to convince the most skeptics of Albanians in order for them to support us and move forward”, said the leader of PDSH, Menduh Thaci.

According to him, this candidate may secure around 350 thousand votes of the Albanian community and he may even face the Macedonian candidate in a run off.

“I’m confident that together, we will manage to gather all the necessary votes. We can secure no less than 350 thousand votes. In this situation, things are very clear. With this number of votes, we will oblige Macedonian parties to offer consensus on unresolved issues for Albanians in Macedonia”, said Thaci.

Meanwhile, the presidential nominee, Halimi said that with the support of his party, he will do everything to factorize the issue of the Albanians. “Through these elections, we may achieve the platform of our party, but this depends on the strength of the votes. We are convinced that we will have support”, said the presidential candidate of PDSH.

Iljaz Halimi is one of the oldest politicians at PDSH. He currently holds the post of the chairman of the Central Assembly, by replacing the former late leader and founder of PDSH, Arber Xhaferi. Halimi has also been vice chairman of PDSH, vice speaker of parliament and MP in 4 legislatures since the independence of the country. /ibna/