“Paying Taxes 2018: Albania has increased taxes

“Paying Taxes 2018: Albania has increased taxes

Albania has increased taxes. Such fact was confirmed by the latest report of the World Bank in its recent report “Paying Taxes 2018”.

This report is one of the most important ones that this prominent international financial institution publishes every year, along with the other report called “Doing Business”.

According to the report, Albania ranks 125th in the world among 190 other economies in terms of the payment of taxes.

A year ago, Albania ranked 97th in the world, showing that from one year to another, it has registered an increase in taxes.

According to the report in question, Albania’s deterioration in the ranking comes mainly as a result of the increase of business taxes from 36.5% last year to 37.3% this year.

Compared to other countries of the region, Albania is one of the countries with the most complicated tax bureaucracies. /balkaneu.com/