Pavlopoulos: German reparations are absolutely pursuable

Pavlopoulos: German reparations are absolutely pursuable

Athens, November 23, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

“Fully legal actions and absolutely judicial enforceable” called the request for the german reparations, the Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos, in his speech, at the hall of the municipal council of Lamia, shortly after his proclamation as an honorary citizen of the city.

Pavlopoulos focused on messages of national unity, while in answer to the Mayor of Lamia Nikos Stavrogiannis’ request, who asked for his contribution to the assertion of German reparations and the occupation loan, noted that “I have argued until today, both as a professor and as politician, and now as President of the Republic, that these claims are completely legal actions and absolutely pursuable”, he said.

He pointed out that “these are the two phrases that I have used and I adhere to them. And this is not the view of the President of the Republic and until recently Professor of Law. It is the view of leading lawyers in Europe. We do not dispute with anyone. Nor do we ask for “revenge.” Besides the feeling of revenge for us Greeks is completely unknown”, said the President of the Republic.

“As they ask from us to honor our obligations, as they ask from us to abide by international law, and we oppose the same. So with institutional and political terms we will seek what belongs to us through the competent judicial fora. This is our national debt. Demand for the old and the generations to come. We will seek it as appropriate to our European culture, with the institutions of the European Law Culture. And I think the vindication of the Greeks and in this area, is a vindication of Europe itself”, Pavlopoulos noted.

Referring on the latest developments, in particular as regards the events in Paris, highlighted the role of our country stressing that “Greece is invited to again defend the principles and values ​​of the West and of Europe”. He called unscrupulous criminals those who resort to violence and attributed all these to the “odious manifestations of Islamic fundamentalism”, which described them as “completely foreign to the true principles of the Islamic religion”.

Pavlopoulos made special reference to the history of Greece, showcasing national understanding and joint effort, stressing the message of Thermopylae and Gorgopotamos, saying that “the aftermath of the Battle of Thermopylae forever determines the pulse of world history as a model of self-sacrifice” .

Referring to Gorgopotamos, he described the bombing of the namesake bridge as “one of the most important acts of resistance in occupied Europe. The President appealed for national unity with seamless features, as he said.

Earlier, the mayor of the city Nikos Stavrogiannis referred to the personality of the President of the Republic, his low profile and his contribution to the national dialogue, and invited Pavlopoulos to help with national consultation with all his power.

Finally, at a special ceremony, the President was declared an honorary citizen of the city of Lamia after the decision of the city council and at the same time he was presented with the city’s golden key, which is the highest distinction for the city of Lamia.