Party and Government reform with an eye at elections

Party and Government reform with an eye at elections

The last week of August will be a week of developments in the ruling party, in an attempt to reform both the party and the cabinet, aiming at the renewal and strengthening of both SYRIZA and the coalition Government.

The processes of changes in the party and the government are deemed necessary for the preparation of both the party mechanism and government function to cope with the increased obligations of the following period that began with the formal termination of the Memoranda.

Last Friday met the Political Council of SYRIZA, in which the party’s Central Committee meeting was decided to be held on Monday, August 27, in order to elect a new secretaryand to plan the strategy of the party and the government for the following period, as 2019 is an election year with multiple electoral battles (European, Regional and Municipal as well as Parliamentary elections).

The meeting of the Central Committee will be titled: “SYRIZA in the new era after the memoranda” and will be the precursor to changes in the government, as it is expected according to information, to promote government officials to the party mechanism to strengthen it in the face of the multiple electoral confrontations.

Alexis Tsipras’s goal is to go to the Thessaloniki International Fair with a renewed and ready-for-war schema in both the party and the government. In TIF the Greek Prime Minister is expected to present the political and economic plan of the government for the first period, following the country’s exit from the Memoranda. Information from government sources converge that Alexis Tsipras will focus on the program to support and alleviate the burdened to deferent social classes, support and protection of employment, improvement of the investment climate and institutional changes./IBNA