Some parties in FYROM are not supported by state funds

Some parties in FYROM are not supported by state funds

Skopje, October 28, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

Five political parties in FYROM will not receive funds for the elections, because they have not been transparent with the money spent during the latest campaign for the presidential and parliamentary election of this year.

Among these parties are Liberal Democratic Party, Albanian Democratic Party, Roma League, Turkish Democratic Party and Bosnian Party. Based on the law, political parties in FYROM benefit an amount of money from the state budget based on the votes that they win.

The Ministry of Justice has sanctioned parties by saying that they have not submitted the report on the donations that they have received, annual accounts and 2013 financial reports.

Based on the law on the funding of political parties, every year, 0.06% of the state budget must be allocated for political parties. There are 1.6 million Euros which are allocated every year to parties who have won at least 1% of the votes in the last parliamentary and presidential elections. /ibna/