Parties Finally Agree on TV and Radio Council

Parties Finally Agree on TV and Radio Council

After five failed attempts, a Greek National Council for Radio and Television has finally been established during the sixth meeting of the Parliament Presidents.

After the government side retreated and accepted New Democracy’s candidate recommendation for the post of President of the Independent Authority the problem was finally solved.

The formation of the NCRTV, reflects the strategic defeat experienced by Greek Minister Of Digital Policy Nikos Pappas, since the result clearly demonstrates that it was his decisions that slowed down the process of assembling it.

It is the Digital Policy Minister’s second defeat in less than a month, following the decision of the Council of State for the unconstitutionality of the so called Pappas Law in the licensing of TV stations nationwide.

On his side Nikos Pappas, Minister for Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Information, stated that he feels  “justified” concerning the NCRTV formation.

Pappas is partly right, regarding the need for establishing the NCRTV, which was finally established by the Syriza government. For this to happen, several SYRIZA members had to be mobilized to eventually persuade both Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and Parliament Speaker Nikos Voutsis.

According to IBNA information, after the fifth failed attempt in establishing the NCRTV, a SYRIZA party member tried to convince the Prime Minister and the Speaker to accept New Democracy’s candidate, Athanasios Koutroumanos, a former president of the Supreme Court, for the position of President.

The integrity of Mr Koutroumanos on the one hand and the fact that further delays in the establishment of the NCRTV would act negatively for the government and positively for the TV Channel owners to continue broadcasting without any law restrictions, was the aim of the SYRIZA party member who in the end convinced the government leadership to accept the ND candidate.

Priority for the Government now is to carry out the tender for licenses as quickly as possible, not only for the nationwide channels but also for regional TV channels and radio stations.

If this happens soon, then the strategic defeat will turn into a much needed glorious victory for the Greek government./IBNA