Parties end the electoral campaign, double elections on Sunday

Parties end the electoral campaign, double elections on Sunday

Skopje, April 25, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

This evening marks the end of the electoral campaign for the early parliamentary elections and the second round of the presidential elections which will be held on April 27.

Over 1,7 million voters will elect amid the 14 lists of coalitions and parties which are running in the parliamentary elections.

The main race among the Macedonian camp will take place between the VMRO-DPMNE coalition led by current prime minister Nikola Gruevski and opposition coalition led by the Macedonian Social Democratic League (LSDM).

Meanwhile, in the Albanian camp, the battle to win as many seats as possible and to be part of the next government is between the Democratic Union for Integration (BDI) and Albanian Democratic Party (PDSH).

On April 27, citizens will elect between two presidential candidates, George Ivanov from VMRO-DPMNE and Stevo Pendarovski from the Macedonian opposition. In the first round of the presidential elections won 449.442 votes while Pendarovski won 326.164 votes. The latter has invited Albanians to support his candidacy. But, on the other hand, the largest Albanian party, BDI has called on its voters not to vote any of the presidential candidates. Such stance has also been articulated by other Albanian parties.

This evening, parties will hold their last meetings with the voters in Skopje, Tetovo and several other big cities.

As of midnight, there will be electoral silence, while on Saturday, the Diaspora will vote for the three MPs who will be elected from three constituencies in Europe, USA and Canada and Australia. According to the electoral code, inmates, invalids and displaced people will also vote tomorrow.

State Election Commission (SEC) appealed for free and democratic elections and for people to be able to vote freely.

“We appeal for a quiet process and April 27 is a challenge for democracy in the country. We have made all preparations and we’re ready for Sunday’s polls”, said the chairman of SEC, Nikola Rilkovski.

These elections will also have a large number of international and domestic observers, 9197 domestic observers and 489 foreign observers, but this number is expected to be even higher due to the extension of their mandate until next week. /ibna/