Parties comment on the one year of SYRIZA-ANEL governance

Parties comment on the one year of SYRIZA-ANEL governance

Athens, January 26, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

In their own way commented the political parties the completion of one year of SYRIZA governance.

New Democracy

“A year ago, the populism of false promises assumed power. It managed it divisive. With unrealistic obsessions, dangerous amateurism and utter ineffectiveness. With arrogance and authoritarianism. With regimented mindset”, said New Democracy spokesman Giorgos Koumoutsakos, completing on the one year of SYRIZA-ANEL governance.

Greece “backtracked dramatically” on all fronts, continues the statement: economy, education, unemployment, health, safety, citizen’s everyday life, international credibility.

“For a year now, entrepreneurship, labour, development, excellence are being targeted”, he says.

“A year ago – before populism took over – with hard work and sacrifices from everyone had been created solid foundations and concrete prospects for the end of memoranda and exit from the crisis.

“Today, there is backwardness and dead ends everywhere. In the economy, social security, the refugee crisis. Today, all Greeks live much worse than we did a year ago.

All these have names.

A year ago was formed the Tsipras – Kammenos coalition. A few days later Mr Yanis Varoufakis was being appointed finance minister.

Perhaps this says everything…”, Koumoutsakos concludes.

Greek Communist Party (KKE)

The general secretary of KKE Dimitris Koutsoubas, referring to the same issue, said: “One year Left – one year of battle, says SYRIZA to celebrate one year of its government. We could simply ask: “since when are memorandums being celebrated?”.

At the same time he raised the questions: “For whom really has the SYRIZA – ANEL government been battling for a year now? For whom does it negotiate with the EU, the IMF and the ECB? Why it is implementing step by step all the commitments, reforms, even keeping intact all the anti-popular ‘structure’ of previous governments? Why does it insist there is no other way than a literal implementation of the agreement signed with the troika which became quardiga?”.


On the occasion of the completion of one year of governnace, the president of PASOK Fofi Genimmata with a post on social media mentions: “One year SYRIZA. One year lost. Enough”.

She also stresses that “Greece does not need an anti-SYRIZA but a progressive plan of changes for productive reconstruction and a modern viable state”.

Greece needs work rather than fireworks. Understanding and not saviors. Unity and not fronts.

The River

Stavros Theodorakis with a post on Facebook states that “the sad posters of Mr. Tsipras in the central streets of Athens make the SYRIZA- AN.ELL. governance anniversary even more sad”.

The head of The River also notes: “We failed in everything but we will have a fiesta. Let us embrace each other, to feel important, because on the streets everyone is saying to us that we betrayed them”.

“I do not know if in taekwondo Mr. Tsipras will find the courage to apologize for his major lies. I do not know whether Kammenos will climb the podium once again to hug each other. I do not know whether they will cry out again that in 2016 they will amaze the people (and stupidity apart from success often causes bewilderment). I do not know if they will have a competition their biggest mistake”.

I do not even know who will appear on stage (if just the revocable 1901 they appointed go however, the stands will be filled). I do not know if you will be introduced by the “junior Tsipras” of the party’s youth with a new rap linking EAM with frappe and social funds. I do not know if Nikolopoulos will miss the anniversary, who in 2015 after each vote in the House exchanged pleasantries with Pappas and Skourletis. I do not know… I do not know if they have any shame”.