Parties call for explanations from the government for the ‘hacking’ of Varoufakis

Parties call for explanations from the government for the ‘hacking’ of Varoufakis

Athens, July 27, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

Explanations for the Plan B Yanis Varoufakis had allegedly drafted – and which among other things allegedly involved hacking the website of the General Secretariat of Public Revenue, interception of VAT and “new drachma” – demand New Democracy, PASOK and The River.

After the revelations of the newspaper Kathimerini that the former finance minister was aimed to create a parallel banking system “that would have been defined in euros, but that could turn into a new drachma overnight”, the New Democracy calls for an in depth investigation, while PASOK calls the prime minister to inform people of these designs.

In a statement, the Press Office of ND states: “The revelations that see the light of publicity create a major political, economic and moral issue for the government, which should be investigated in depth for the attribution of any responsibility”.

The Communication notes that the government must convincingly answer to the Greek people the following questions: “What exactly happened in the first six months of governance?

What was the original government plan? What were they preparing as an alternative, who had been put in charge of it and who oversaw it? When did they realise that there was not in fact an alternative and that a Grexit would have dire consequences for the country?”

ND also demandss clarification on the following issues: “Is it true that this group in the finance ministry had undertaken to prepare the backup plan? It is true that they were planning to storm the national Treasury and that they were actually preparing a parallel currency by intercepting the VAT of all taxpayers? Is it true that they were preparing to issue IOUs (promissory payments of the public) as the first step towards a Grexit;”

The main opposition party speaks of questions in need of convincing answers to the Greek people and notes that ND will hold on Monday a special meeting on these issues and how “they will help to shed light on this dark story”.

“There is not just a deficit in the economy, but first and foremost on the very democracy inside the country and a credibility deficit outside of it”, the announcement concludes.

On its part, The River said that “reading the Varoufakis plan to return to the drachma, one does not know whether to be angry or to laugh”.

“The leading government minister, “played” the black hacker, planned the theft of VAT, that is was setting up the state of the drachma by lying to the people that he fought for an agreement with Europe”, says The River.

At the same time, it urges the prime minister to say clearly to the Greek people “if all these parastate actions had been approved and why did he tolerated them”.

“With the hacking of Varoufakis on the one hand, and the rififi of Lafazani of the Treasury on the other, you wonder if you’re dealing with amateurs ministers or amateur screenwriters of police films. With such “personalities” it is no wonder that we ended up where we are. We should probably feel lucky that the worse did not fall upon us”, concludes The River.

PASOK notes in a statement that “in the publication it is reported that by Tsipras order and Varoufakis exacution, there was a nightmarish planning and possible synergy in punishable actions on the currency and the country’s economy, with unscrupulous machinations”.

“Compared to them, Lafazanis’ plans to invade Treasury pale. We expect the official position of the government, but also the intervention of Justice to investigate this case”, notes the statement of the Press Office of PASOK.

“The prime minister can no longer be silent, nor hide behind acts or omissions of his ministers and associates, who a few months ago characterized a ‘significant chapter’ of the negotiations”, is stressed in the announcement.

“He ought to answer directly and truthfully to the question of the president of PASOK Fofi Genimmata and inform the House and the people, as to what those plans were, if there were indeed preparatory actions, if this plan had began to be implemented and finally on whose order it was devised. He must also come forward with the relevant documents, because people have to learn the whole truth”, the statement concludes.