Parties still far from agreement

Parties still far from agreement

Sarajevo, March 2, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Mladen Dragojlovic

Everything that seemed certain on BiH political scene on Friday, fell apart over the weekend with the state entering this week with new disagreements between political parties.

Despite the BiH Council of ministers Chairman, Denis Zvizdic, expectations about establishing of Federation BiH Government, which he expressed on the meeting in Banja Luka on Friday, Democratic Front (DF), Party of Democratic Action (SDA) and Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) failed on Sunday to reach an agreement about the distribution of ministerial positions among these parties in this institution. DF leader, Zeljko Komsic, left the meeting in Sarajevo after just half of hour. On his way out of the meeting, he said to media that he would no longer take part in the talks on this topic because the SDA had made some concessions to the HDZ.

“We were unable to reach an agreement. The SDA agreed to have six ministers and a prime minister, while the HDZ was supposed to have six ministries, and the DF four, which we found unacceptable. The DF had made enough concessions on the BiH Council of Ministers. That way we wouldn’t have adhered to the election results the DF achieved”, said Komsic.

He added that the DF will back the formation of a minority government just so the FBiH government can be formed, but that this party will remain part of the Council of Ministers.

“However, if they say the DF is redundant, we will withdraw from the Council”, said Komsic.

HDZ leader, Dragan Covic, and SDA deputy president, Bakir Izetbegovic, concluded that the parties bodies should meet on Monday to agree the future steps in the formation of the FBiH government, which should prepare the two parties for another meeting on Tuesday, March 3.

But, DF vice president, Emir Suljagic, said at Monday that, if SDA and HDZ decide to renew negotiations, his party will have new demands because negotiations will start from scratch.

Additional political issues over the weekend occurred in Croatian National Assembly in BiH during the session in Mostar on Saturday. Delegates of this highest Croatian national institution in BiH adopted a resolution in which they are demanding a new congress about the internal organisation of the state. In short, Croatian nationality representatives in BiH are not satisfied with this nation’s status in the state and demand something like “Dayton 2” to rearrange the state on four organizational units, which would be in federal relations.

“Because of the irrational and incoherent territorial organization of the state system,  BiH has proved to be irrational, dysfunctional and unmanageable. Therefore, it is necessary to proceed with radical and constitutional reforms, including a new, more rational territorial organisation of the country, which will equally take into account its three national entities”, said Croatian National Assembly in BiH in the Declaration

President of this Assembly is leader of HDZ, Dragan Covic, who is a political and personal friend of the leader of Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD) and RS president, Milorad Dodik. With this Declaration, which predicts territorial changes in BiH, is endangered the existence of RS as it is established by Dayton peace agreement. On Monday, Dodik called all SNSD representatives in BiH institutions on an urgent meeting and one of the topic was this Declaration. Even worse, one of delegates who voted for the Declaration was, Nada Tesanovic, SNSD vice president and, asa  Croat, member of Croatian National Assembly in BiH.

As it seems now, BiH politicians will have a lot of work to do ahead of them, if they are to solve these new problems, in order to fulfill the obligations and establish functional institutions and begin with the reforms they promised to the EU and citizens.