“Participation of youth in politics makes for a better society”

“Participation of youth in politics makes for a better society”

Tirana, 25 August 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

Participation of youngsters in politics changes society, makes it better and more humane. It prepares is for the challenges that Albania has ahead.

The chair of the parliamentary committee for foreign policy, Arta Dade spoke about the main challenge of Albania, EU integration, during a meeting with the youth of the Socialist Movement for Integration, a party in the left wing majority coalition.

“The main challenge for us is European Integration. I encourage all young people to engage in politics and especially young girls and women, in order for them to always be part of decision making”, the socialist MP said.

Speaking in front of young men and women, former Foreign Minister said that the youth forums of the Albanian left wing are integrated in the EU and that the alternative that they represent has done a lot for the progress and the European agenda of the country.

“I believe that the two forums, that of SP and SMI, represent the social-democratic alternative. I’m convinced that this alternative will lead us to Europe. We are now part of Europe, in spite of the status that our country has. But politically, our forums are integrated. We’re part of the modern left”, Dade said. /ibna/