Parliamentary Speaker comments the economic situation in Albania

Parliamentary Speaker comments the economic situation in Albania

Tirana, April 28, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

Albanian Speaker of Parliament says that the opposition is right when it says that the economic situation in the country is difficult, but he adds that the situation was not any better two years ago.

Mr. Ilir Meta, who is also leader of the Socialist Movement for Integration, the second political force of the governing majority, says that the general situation of Albanians is seeing positive signals, because the most difficult part of the reforms in the country, according to him, has passed and that its fruits will start to be felt now.

The last time when Mr. Meta was in a meeting with students of the state university in Tirana  was when he was in a governing coalition with Sali Berisha from 2009 to 2013. He criticized the way how Berisha presented the situation in the country and said that he had clearly articulated his complaints to the then prime minister.

“I used to tell to Mr. Berisha that we should not picture the situation with euphoria and unfortunately, Albania was presented as the only country which was not affected by the crisis and whose economy was moving forward in the same way as Germany. I said that we should be cautious, because the elements of the crisis would become more serious”, said Meta during this meeting with students.

One of the students was direct in the dialogue with the speaker of parliament: “I come from Ballsh and I study pharmacy. One of my concerns is the departure of Albanians and young people from the country. I’m concerned because I cannot imagine my future in my place of birth, where opportunities for young people are almost zero, but even here in Tirana, where the cost of living is very high. We should we do? To leave and build our future in another country? What will you do to encourage the employment of young people here in Albania and economic development of the country in order for us not to leave the country?”

Mr. Meta answered to these questions and description of the situation by admitting the situation. He added that the situation is the same in the entire Balkan and even in the EU. “We can see that Europe has great problems today, such as economic problems, financial problems and structural problems. I don’t think that anybody would want to go to Greece today, because many of your relatives and our relatives who have been to Greece, are coming back, although they used to dream of going there and make a living there. The same thing can be said of Italy and other countries”.

Meta is optimistic when he says that this situation and especially, the efforts to leave the country and move to developed countries such as Germany, are temporary. “This is a temporary situation, which we must go through together, not by escaping the truth, but by looking to them in the eye”.

The speaker of parliament predicts that after the difficult reforms, “we will see the benefits of a higher economic growth, which will offer us an opportunity for the creation of a larger number of jobs”. /ibna/