Parliamentary declarations for tricks

Parliamentary declarations for tricks

Orient Express

Those who do not know the limits to where hypocrisy may go in Macedonia were shocked a few days ago by the unilateral decision in the Parliament of Macedonia. All present MPs, both from the government and the opposition, voted in favor of Macedonia’s NATO membership. The insufficiently informed person would think of a firm determination as reinforced concrete and an end to the uncertainty about the future of the state.

Why the media did not pay any attention to this act, asks а newly arrived diplomat to Macedonia. Is it possible that you did not understand the meaning of such a unanimously adopted declaration? That declaration does not mean anything, I tell him. Since proclaiming independence to date, we have a hundred such declarations and so many resolutions. The man looks at me astounded. I remain silent. How am I supposed to tell him that they are declarations for tricks and Itar-Pejo-type of party frauds?

In the country, the world champion of hypocrisy, a firm commitment to NATO and the EU has been entered into all documents, in all strategic and development plans, in all newly adopted European laws. In the past 27 years, we have filled several cars from European laws, we are a candidate for joining the EU with an open door for about 15 years and an invitation to join NATO, but all this for the opponents of the Europeanization of Macedonia means nothing. This is Balkan meanness in battles for conquering power. These are known tricks and criminogenic doctrines for disrupting the justice of suspected and already convicted senior officials against which several trials are conducted, whose epilogue is one of the conditions for starting negotiations with the EU next year.

Unfortunately, it’s not just about the media dirty propaganda and blackmail for inter-party agreement and bargain – we support you for reaching the agreement with Greece and for changing the Constitution, and you will not prosecute suspected politicians in return. This cannot pass, but something else that is more dangerous is happening. It’s the sad songs of burdened educated people, intellectuals and university professors, academics, diplomats… who are scaring citizens with an alleged world conspiracy against Macedonia, publicly preaching about the danger of the ones that are different from them. Nationalism and chauvinism are skillfully hidden and transposed into an identity war to save Macedonia from losing its identity, from changing the name, from desecrating the language, from great injustice and humiliation and from the bad neighbors, from egoistic Western Europe and from the cop of the world, America. They are all portrayed as our enemies, who, in alliance with the treacherous government, sell out the national interests of Macedonia. A typical VMRO-like and supremacist way of destroying the Macedonian people, the state as well this time, because while VMRO-DPMNE was active, especially after the first ten years of its establishment in 1893, we never had a state.

And while the world’s intellectual elite, with open letters published in reputable and influential media and signed by renowned scientists, welcomes the untying of the Gordian knot, our local authorities concerned about the nation’s hygiene and identity protection sow hatred and intimidate people that Macedonia is finished, that the agreement with Greece should not be accepted because it is a very dangerous thing for the future of the country. And while the world’s scientific elite congratulates the agreement on keeping the universal declarations of self-determination and self-naming and protection of language and all that is meant by identity determination, our educated people preach the opposite. They stubbornly deny that the name Macedonia remains unchanged as the name of the only state in the world. Ours. The geographical addition “North” for them is more than a compromise, it is betrayal and the end to the survival of Macedonia, as our brave security guards of the identity say. For the most important identity point, the Macedonian language, which remains as it has been before in science and the UN, they say nothing, because it does not matter to them now when it comes to a worldwide confirmation certified long ago at the UN. That issue remains only at home for intimidation with the law extending the use of the Albanian language and other non-Macedonian languages ​​in the country.

Daily campaigns of orchestrated party activists that are calling for a boycott of the referendum are getting dirtier each day. There is growing support from well-known academics and university professors who preach that there should not be a suggestive referendum question that will influence the citizens on how to vote. So the question should not be with a pronounced commitment to NATO and the EU, but it is best to boycott the referendum. And, the boycott would be very apparent if their, not even a little suggestive question was asked: Are you in favor of changing the constitutional name of the state and accepting the agreement with Greece. A genius question perfect for boycott and drowning of Macedonia into the Balkan quicksand. The fact that such an approach definitely destroys the future of Macedonia is irrelevant to them. They do not recognize the harmfulness of the message they send to undermine the social and economic system of the state. Incomprehensible.

I do not think that they cannot perceive the consequences of the collapse of the historic chance. The admission to NATO and the EU is the greatest historic achievement that justifies the determination of the citizens of Macedonia for their independent state. So far, in the past 27 years, Macedonia’s independence has not been justified by the achievements so far, even less with the achievement of the hopes and expectations of the citizens. Still, the majority of citizens have the perception that they lived a better life in the former joint state and that they had higher standards and that they felt safer and more secure. For the first time in 27 years, Macedonia has a unique opportunity to achieve its strategic goals and priorities with successful Euro-Atlantic integrations.

Unfortunately, with these negative campaigns, it becomes evident that Macedonia is a dangerous link between foreign intelligence services and domestic followers to prevent NATO and EU membership by influencing the referendum vote. The government should undertake all legal competencies for removing the obstacles in achieving the country’s tactical interests. The failed referendum as a product of dirty campaigns and intimidations, interferences of foreign agencies in the country cannot be a justification for the debacle that Macedonia may experience by returning to its starting position.

There is one constant in this dirty campaign. There is no offer of an alternative where Macedonia will go after a possible failed referendum. It does not matter to them, it is important Macedonia never to become a member of NATO and the EU. Unfortunately, there is no scientific authority in Macedonia, for example in Serbia, when Latinka Perović, a scientist and a world-renowned socialist told the Serbian people that if they do not join the EU, they will disappear. Serbia will be gone. This is four times more valid for Macedonia than for Serbia. But Macedonians do not have a person they trust if they tell them something like that. They destroyed and compromised all scientific, state, political, intellectual and business values ​​in the past 27 years. They destroyed everything. Now they have no one to believe except for themselves, recognizing this historical opportunity. If worked in their behalf twice – ASNOM in 1944, and with the referendum on independence in 1991. If it can happen twice, there can be a third time as well.

Erol Rizaov