Parliament of Kosovo votes in favor of the establishment of the Special Court

Parliament of Kosovo votes in favor of the establishment of the Special Court

IBNA Special Report

Parliament of the Republic of Kosovo voted on Wednesday in favor of the creation of the Special Court on war crimes and decided to continue the mandate of the European Union for the Rule of Law mission in Kosovo, EULEX for another two years

Pristina, April 23, 2014/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

The decision has been taken with 89 votes in favor, 22 against and 2 abstains through the approval of the bill on the ratification of the agreement between Kosovo and the European Union.

In his speech before parliament, prime minister Hashim Thaci said that the request of the international community toward Kosovo for the foundation of the Court on war crimes is the biggest injustice and insult being made to Kosovo.

“KLA has fought a fair war and has respected all international rules. This is why Kosovo was helped by international allies and won the liberation war”, said Thaci.

Thaci has admitted that this Court is being established as a result of Dick Marty’s report approved by the European council, a report which he considered to be suspicious and containing unfounded allegations.

Only Self Determination has been the political party positioned against the establishment of the Special Court on war crimes, while other parties have backed it.

The head of the parliamentary group of PDK, Adem Grabovci declared that fairness of the liberation war must be proven and this is why PDK backs the creation of this court.

Meanwhile, Ismet Beqiri from LDK stressed that the parliamentary group of this party, being convinced that the political and liberation war has been fair, has decided to back the decision for the approval of the creation of the Court.

According to him, this is a better option than the creation of the war by the Security Council.

Glauk Konjufca from Self Determination said that this curse for the formation of the Special Court only happens to those who forget all about the foundations of freedom. He said that this happens when a government is no longer defending the interests of the citizens of Kosovo.

“In the wars taken place in former Yugoslavia caused by Serbia, Serb soldiers, police officers and paramilitary forces killed over 150 thousand people in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo. The majority of those who were killed, over 90% were innocent women, elderly and children.  Serbia had almost 80 thousand soldiers, police officers and paramilitaries. If one in four of them was involved in crimes, we can say that Serbia today has 20 thousand unpunished war criminals. These people are free EU citizens, given that as of 2009, Serbia enjoys the free visa regime. Kosovo’s institutions, the governments that have existed so far in Kosovo have had sufficient materials to file every week in international tribunals charges against Serbia about the wounds that it caused us and which will never forget them”, said Konjufca.

“While a Special Court is being created on Kosovo and KLA for the alleged crimes, the bodies of 300 Albanians covered in asphalt are being exhumed in Serbia”, said he.

He called on MPs to object to the creation of this court, by saying that every investigation must be handled by the justice system in Kosovo.

Meanwhile, Ardian Gjini from the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo said that the image of Kosovo has a direct impact on the life of the citizens.

He said that the image of Kosovo has been strongly damaged, given that MPs and ministers have been involved in corruption affairs and no judge has been dealing with them.

According to him, this is why foreigners do not believe in the system of justice in Kosovo and for this, said Gjini, the prime minister is also to be blamed.

Gjini said that AAK will vote in favor of the creation of the Court, because according to him, if this is not done, then a Tribunal on the crimes in Kosovo would be created and the damage in this case would be great.

Myzejene Selmanaj from AKR said that everyone must feel proud that the war of Kosovo was backed by the EU and USA. She said that she was convinced that Dick Marty’s allegations would be overthrown and that the fairness of the war of KLA would be upheld. AKR was in favor of the creation of the Court with the hope that the fair war of KLA would be upheld. /ibna/